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A New Take on Abortion-staff

The mission field is all around us. Military chaplains, for instance, describe their role as a “ministry of presence.” They act not only as the eyes and ears of command and as a liaison between troops and officers, but to military personnel they represent the presence of God in every aspect of life on the base.

What is the mission field, but an opportunity to see God’s love transform lives? "God works best in the diversity of every culture,” believes Jonathan Maracle, lead singer of the Aboriginal band Broken Walls. Broken Walls carries a message of reconciliation among cultures to North America and internationally. The band uses First Nations’ instruments with chants and songs that are part of their indigenous language and style.

Missionaries Phil and Carol Bergen observed first-hand that the indigenous people among whom they work would do better if someone from within their culture evangelized them. God raised up the right man. Mennonite Brethren Mission and Service International shares a short video clip on how a young man known as “Madou the Terrible” was called of God to become their pastor.

Also this week, discussions have arisen in the media concerning the pro-life and pro-choice positions pertaining to abortion. A pro-life position as expressed by Christians is not illogical or deserving of being mocked, says Charles Lewis writing for the National Post. Also in the Post, Jonathan Kay discusses philosopher James Q. Wilson’s take on abortion that ”every woman seeking to abort her fetus be made to examine a photo depicting roughly what that fetus looks like on the day in question.” For a look at how abortion can scar a woman’s life, see Rusty Wright’s article, Choosing Abortion.

These are just some of our selections for this week’s line-up. We invite you to check them out and scroll down for more. Have a good week!


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