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Leadership - 2008


How to Build a Great Church Library
If you’re passionate about books but your church owns only some dusty commentaries, you may want to consider starting a church library. Here’s how.

Religious Beliefs and Devotion Linked to Sense of Personal Control
The findings of this University of Toronto study are particularly important in the light of the current economic climate.

Win a Laptop!
To qualify for a draw for a laptop computer, be sure to join your voice in these national surveys by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada before November 20, 2008.

The Haircut
“It looked like a cow might have mistaken my head for an ice cream cone and taken one mighty lick, rasping all the hair off with her rough tongue.”

Connecting Canada to Christ and the Church
The hope of Confederation was for one Canada under the dominion of Jesus Christ. How does Canada today compare to that vision?

What's the Christian Thing to Do?
“How does a church sufficiently deplore horrible acts without abandoning the Christian message of steadfast love, boundless mercy and endless forgiveness?” (Doug Koop)

Historic Revival Conferences for Atlanta, Georgia and Greenock, Scotland! 
A desire to petition God for desperately-needed revival on Earth is inspiring a young Canadian to organize Revival Conferences in various parts of the world.

A Life Lived in Obedience 
“You can stand on the outside as a sniper and shoot at the [Church] or you can work from the inside and try to make a difference.” Bill Morrow makes a difference.

A Cross-Border Church 
Canadian churches sometimes have an uneasy relationship with churches in the United States. So why do some denominations spread out across both countries?

Ideas Prompt Shift in Church Methods 
Many churches that aimed to be “seeker sensitive” 20 years ago are now aiming to be “missional.” What effect might these trends have in your congregation?

Why Does a Church Need Vision? 
To experience spiritual and numeric growth, a church needs to clarify its vision.  Here are three reasons why that’s true.

Seven Habits of Highly Defective Sermons 
Participants from various denominations and from across Canada braved a Winnipeg winter for an opportunity to study the art of captivating preaching at Canadian Mennonite University.

Church Broadens Child Abuse Prevention Strategy 
Convicted pedophiles attend churches. A manual released by the C&MA National Children’s Network Team offers churches a plan for developing strategy to protect children.




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