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Church Ministries - 2008


Wanted: Friends
There are scores of women, and sometimes men, left alone with no resources to raise their children. Individual love and care can make a huge difference in their lives.

Green Project Brings Grace to Community
A “green” building in Haliburton County, Ontario, has become a tourist attraction, a food distribution centre for local people in need and a thrift shop.

Are Paid Ministers or Volunteers Better for the Church? 
Hiring professionals to undertake ministries in a church has value, but, like Christ, each Christian in the church must be personally involved in ministry to a lost world.

Wonderful Women
An Ottawa artist has chosen to honour a special breed of women who are seldom celebrated – church ladies.

Give Children a Chance 
Spunk, energy, fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Children have it all, and can be active participants in the life of a community.

Ministry in the Margins: Being Jesus in the Jane and Finch Community 
A North Toronto church goes where few choose to tread. The cost is great, but the rewards outweigh it.

How the Church Can Help Single Parents 
What’s God calling the Church to do for single parents who have a sole responsibility for their children? Here are some suggestions.

Our Fountain of Youth 
Whether we’re young or old, God cares about what is happening in our lives, and particularly in our hearts.

Joining God on a Mission to Redeem the World 
What does it mean to love God and our neighbours in a changing culture? A pastor of a coffee house church seeks the answer.

Caring for the Heart of Canada 
Marriages are healed and couples are receiving spiritual and physical freedom through Caring for the Heart Ministries.





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