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Entertainment Arts - 2008 Archive

Darkness, the Silver Screen, and the Human Soul
The personal transformation of the complex and profoundly imperfect man in Schindler's List might very easily be our own story. We are all of us ruined palaces and glorious ruins.

Artist Bruce Head Acknowledged at Canadian Mennonite University
The artist that pained The Four Seasons in CMU’s Great Hall is acknowledged.

The Human Face in the History of Western Art
Every face is an icon of individuality and uniqueness. An IMAGO lecture on the human face in Western art will be held in Toronto, November 5, 2008.

Portrait of the Artist as a Community Member
In an exhibit earlier this year, Hutterite artists portrayed what life is like on their colonies.

BrokenOpen Announces Teen Scholarships 
A theatre company specializing in training Christians is offering scholarships for a drama-intensive summer camp program to all high school students in Canada this summer.

Nudity Doesn't Scare this Christian Artist
The nude human body can be a stumbling block for the Christian community, but certain Christian artists believe it is necessary to portray the nude human form in art.

Show Us Your World 
A creative community in a culture of despair, FreeStyle Art Studio is a safe place where youth can express themselves without judgment.

Blending Beauty and Hope 
A Vancouver artist’s gift spills over into all areas of her life as she lives out one of her favourite Scripture verse to serve others.




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