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Social Issue News - 2008 Archive

Marriage Commissioner Sues Saskatchewan Government
A commissioner who refused to “marry” a same-sex couple on the basis of his religious convictions is suing the Saskatchewan government for violating his Charter rights.

Abortion Debate Flares on Calgary Campus
When pro-life students set up a display with images of a bloodied fetus alongside Holocaust victims, they were threatened with arrest, suspension and possible expulsion.

Canadians Divided Over Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
44 percent of Canadians would choose palliative care as an end of life option, while 44 percent would choose euthanasia.

Assisted Suicide Reaches the 49th Parallel
The prospect of legalized assisted suicide in Washington State could put added pressure on Canada to follow suit, according to the editor of B.C. Catholic.

Learning from Kiwi Prostitutes
Canadian activists visited New Zealand recently to judge the "success" of the decriminalization of the sex trade. How "success" is defined is significant.

The Death of Bill C-484
The election call has effectively killed the proposal to create a separate offence for killing the baby when a pregnant woman is assaulted.

Order of Canada Award Divides Canadians
Two weeks after the announcement that Dr. Henry Morgentaler is being awarded the Order of Canada, the issue continues to generate deep division across the country.

Canada’s Abortion Rates Drop
The number of abortions performed in Canada in 2005 dropped by 3.2 percent compared to a year earlier, with most of that decline occurring among women under 20.

Canadian Street Gangs: How Bad, and What to Do?
A recent book describes the problem, but does it adequately address causes—and solutions?

Time for Canadians to Reconsider Abortion
There are no legal restrictions on abortion in Canada, yet most Canadians believe life should be legally protected at some time prior to birth. How do we proceed?

Canadians Want Action on Polygamists
Poll results: Many British Columbians want the provincial government to launch legal action against the leaders of the polygamous commune of Bountiful.

Disabling Charity 
Human Rights Commissions might spell the end for Christian aid.

State of the Debate
Twenty years after Canada decriminalized abortion, the debate is still alive. Some Christians speak out for pro-life, and others work with women who face difficult decisions.

Unborn Victims Bill Faces Final Hurdles
The legislation that would make it a crime to kill or injure an unborn child is close to becoming law, but some significant hurdles have to be overcome.

Is a Disabled Life Not Worth Living?
Public sympathy for Latimer has raised alarm bells among the disabled. If it’s okay to kill a child because someone thinks it’s best for the child, where do you draw the line?

Bullying Linked to Troubled Families
Improving family relationships could be one way to prevent children from turning into persistent bullies, according to new research reported last week in the Globe and Mail.

Banning Debate on Abortion is Proof of Closed Minds 
A function of universities is to challenge preconceived notions, and explore the assertions of others with whom one may not agree. Debates are critical to this process.

Renewed Euthanasia Debate Coming
Another push to legalize assisted suicide in Canada could be on the horizon.

Latimer’s Parole Sends “Dangerous Message”
Disabled Canadians are fearful of what the decision to release convicted child murderer Robert Latimer from prison might mean for their safety.

Campus Pro-Lifers Face Mounting Opposition
University pro-life groups are trying to fight back against growing hostility from student union leaders who want to silence them.

Fight Against Homelessness: Organizations Need to Help to Give 
There are agencies already in place that have tremendous track records in helping the homeless. If given proper funding, could do even more.

Christians Mourn Twenty Years of no Abortion Law
Planned Parenthood's research arm reveals that one in five abortion patients identifies as “born again” or “Evangelical."

Homosexual Activists Turn Attention to Schools
The federally funded homosexual lobby group Egale – which played a leading role in redefining marriage – is turning its attention to so-called “anti-homophobia education in schools.”

Pro-life Groups Face Growing Opposition
Pro-life groups on Canada’s university campuses see filing complaints with human rights tribunals as “an increasingly attractive option.”

U.K. Allows Animal-Human Embryo Research
Two U.K. research teams have the green light to begin creating embryos that are part-human and part-animal for research purposes.

The State of the Canadian Church -- Part VI: Those Pesky Moral, Social Issues
Among social/moral issues, Christians are currently often engaged publicly with questions related to abortion and homosexuality. What are the trends for the future?

Actress/Model Jennifer O’Neill Speaks on Behalf of the Unborn 
Perhaps her most significant achievement is her effort to heighten public awareness concerning the devastating results of abortion on women, men and families.

Recognizing the Youngest Victims of Crime 
The complexities and controversies of using law to protect the fetus.

Unborn Victims Bill Headed for March Vote
Homicides have shown that a person accused of murdering a pregnant woman is only charged with her death even though her baby also died.

Families Should Make End-of-life Decisions
A survey by Angus Reid suggests most Canadians agree that the family, not the doctor, should decide when a loved should be taken off support.

A Win for Science - and Human Dignity
Good news in stem cell research: life no longer must be taken so that it might (potentially) be saved. Stem cells can be obtained from human skin cells.




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