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International News - 2008 Archive

Attacks on Iraq Christians Largely Under-reported
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees the right to freedom of religion for all, is not being respected in Iraq.

Video Tells of Missionary Abuse
Former students – children of missionaries – who attended Mamou boarding school, Guinea, share memories that include beatings, ridicule and sexual assault.

IKEA’s Polish Catalogue Introduces “Ian and Steve”
The Polish IKEA catalogue depicts “modern” life with the homosexual couple as a “new model of living together.”

Feast for a King
Jerusalem welcomed the nations at this year’s Feast of Tabernacles celebration with 8,000 International Christian participants. View the festivities on video.

Billy Graham Turns 90 as U.S. Undergoes Historic Change
"Christians worldwide wish Billy Graham a very ‘Happy Birthday,’" (

US Election Has Religious Implications
The U.S. election represented "a very difficult choice for conservative Christians," according to one Canadian commentator.

The First Complete Dari Bible for Millions of Afghans
A Bible translation is now available to Afghans in the Dari language. Translation took 20 years - a project that was closely supervised by the United Bible Societies.

Ethnic Cleansing Of Christians in India
Hindu extremists are burning, killing, beating and raping Christians, and destroying their homes, institutions, and entire villages. The attacks are spreading geographically.

Great Homecoming
The Seventh World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People took place in Israel recently. Delegates from Canada’s west coast opened the event. Also in video format.

Canadian and U.S. Elections Engage Faith Differently
As the Canadian and U.S. election campaigns forge ahead, observers have noted key differences in the ways faith is presented publicly in the two countries.

Violence Against Christians Increasing in India
Still reeling from violence in Orissa, India's Christians suffered major blows in two other states over the past weekend.

Lakeland Outpouring Ends as Bentley Resigns
The controversial revival in Florida led by Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley has come to an end amid reports that Bentley's marriage is in trouble.

Momentum Building for Dalit Liberation
“In recent years there have been extraordinary reports from various Christian sources, regarding conversions of large numbers of Dalits” (David Dawes).

China Suppresses Religion in Preparation for the Olympic Games
The summer Olympics will not be an opportunity for multicultural evangelism as in the past.

"I'm One of Christ's Biggest Fans” – Lennon
John Lennon claimed the Beatles were a Christian band that wanted to bring people closer to God.

Couple Forgive Kenyan Attackers
A British Columbia couple who are missionaries in Kenya say it was miraculous that they survived.

Broken Promises: The Protestant Experience with Religious Freedom in China
A new report identifies the extent of persecution of the house churches in China and the repression of freedom of religion occurring in advance of the Olympics.

Christians Under the Gun in China
The Chinese government has done a good job of propagandizing the concept that there is a free Protestant Church in China.

Revivalist Claims Hundreds of Healings
Why now? Why Todd? Why Lakeland? NBC takes a look at why thousands are healed at the revival meetings in Lakeland, Florida through Todd Bentley’s ministry.

Global Food Crisis Places Millions of Lives at Risk
A food shortage of tidal wave proportions is on the way, says Ian Robertson of Christian Children's Fund. It has the potential of destroying millions of lives

Miracle of War – Global Prayer Shields Israel 
Israelis claim there is a correlation between heightened prayer by God's people around the world and the lack of failure of the attacks against their villages.

Iraq’s Christians Are Being Martyred
The blood of the martyrs is being poured out in Iraq, an ancient land of Christian witness.

Pope Set to Argue that Luther Wasn't Heretic
Pope Benedict XVI is to rehabilitate Martin Luther, arguing that he did not intend to split Christianity, but only to purge the church of corrupt practices.

Quebec Nuns Take on Mining Giant
A group of Canadian nuns intend to bring to account the world’s largest gold producer in a Toronto meeting in a few weeks’ time.

The World's "Most Dangerous" Spiritual Guru: Oprah Begins 10-Week Online New Age Class
500,000 people have signed up for the first segment to listen to New Age guru Eckhart Tolle and Oprah discuss his book, A New Earth.

Kenya Heading for Civil War, Q&A with Duncan Olumbe
How could a “stable” country degenerate so quickly into senseless anarchy?

Grassroots Centre Plants Peace Amid 2,000-Year-Old Conflicts
The little town of Bethlehem may be overshadowed by a wall 24 feet high and crowned with razor-wire, but it’s home to a small beacon for peace.




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