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Mission in Canada - 2008


Courage, Faith and Strength
First Nations people who come to Christ pay a high price to serve Jesus. They face opposition and hardship with courage, faith and strength.

Newcomers Find Support at Edmonton Mennonite Centre
The Mennonite community provides a safe place for immigrants in a new country. Refugees like Nino from Columbia are grateful.

Reaching Children in Canada's Largest Mission Field
Through partnership with a Quebec church, an Ontario youth pastor discovered he could help the Quebec congregation build a bridge to the schoolchildren in their community.

Called to This Mission Field 
Credentialing as marketplace ministers is now available for business men and women who minister full time in a business environment.

And Who Is My Neighbour? 
Toronto City Mission workers believe relationships are important.  Staff members rent apartments in the neighbourhood they want to reach and live among them.

Jillian Achieves Her Dream 
This is a story of how leadership mentoring trains young Christians to achieve their God-given dreams.

Sandwich Run in the “Big Smoke” 
A group of volunteers visit the downtown core of Toronto to give out bag lunches to the homeless and to learn about life.

4th Annual Grow Your World Book Fair 
This year’s was the largest Book Fair that Toronto’s Yonge Street Mission has ever held with donations of more than 25,000 books.

Why Thrift Still Thrives
Thrift stores raise funds, recycle goods and are chic to boot. If it weren't for faith-based thrift stores, a lot of ministry in this country – and beyond – just wouldn't happen.

Let the Cameras Roll 
After a dramatic collision with God, an Indo-Canadian is instrumental in the launching of a television ministry that is reaching thousands.

Culture Clash 
What is culture if we enjoy various cultures and their traditions but perceive culture as a threat in the context of Church?

Educational Opportunities Can Help Break Poverty Cycle 
The Yonge Street Mission couples educational opportunities with personal relationship to transform lives.

How About Some Home-Cooked Food and a Bit of MCC? 
A Saskatoon “food service” offers more than food. It builds community and relationships, and meets spiritual and emotional needs.

Focus on Campus Ministries 
Our nation’s campuses are largely unreached with the Gospel, and those of us doing the work believe that it’s time to take this challenge seriously.




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