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Christian Living - 2008


Why I Wear a Poppy
"Courage is knowing what lies ahead, but going on anyway." Remembrance Day is a time to honour that courage…

Who’s Afraid of Halloween?
Is dressing up as ghosts and goblins harmless fun or a celebration of evil?

The Funnybone Quiz
How is your sense of humour? To figure out your FQ (Funnybone Quotient) please answer the questions in this article honestly.

Fat Bodies, Fat Minds?
For those of us who enjoy our food more than we would like to, there’s good news. We’re not responsible if it expands our waistline. We are victims of the “obesity gene”!

The High Cost of Cheap Food 
Using bio-fuel harms the poor in many nations.  If we want to love our neighbours, as Jesus commanded, we should reduce our energy consumption.

I May Be Here, but It Sure Feels Like I’m There 
Mission; summer vacation; student exchange!  All travel involves transition that transcends time and space.

Saying Goodbye 
Many times in our lives we have to say goodbye, whether it is to a departed loved one, a place we have lived, old friends or familiar routines. It’s never easy.

Ethical Investing 
Here are three simple steps to great returns for yourself—without having a negative impact on others.

A Hard Day’s Work (Usually) Makes Me Feel Alright 
When we work out of our strengths (rather than trying to overcome our weaknesses), work becomes a pleasure rather than a drudgery.

Taking the Long Way Home
Taking a mode of transportation that’s less convenient offers a commuter a unique ministry “bus” ministry.

Do You Have Baggage? 
Think of the personality as being a large bag that holds our life experiences, good or bad. The more pain and hurt in the bag, the more dysfunctional we become.

Dying Well 
Our final journey is too important to ignore. It helps to be well prepared and ready both for the departure and the arrival.

Roger and Me 
When we are faced with the darkness of the "black hole" called death, our only hope is in the One who has conquered it.

Faith in Health Care 
Health-care professionals face many challenges. Faith Today interviewed a variety of Christian medical professionals and asked them to share their concerns.

Taking It Everywhere 
What would happen if you treated your Bible like your cellphone and took it everywhere?

What is success? 
Certain characteristics of success are common to all areas of life. Your success in life depends on them.

Relationship Resolution 
What can be more satisfying than sitting down for a cozy one-on-one chat with a friend over a Creamy Caramel Latte?  That is, until the cell phone rings!

Using My Space and Facebook: How to Get Started 
It’s not just for teens! Having a MySpace or Facebook account can be useful for everyone. Meet old friends, share stories, post photos and share the Gospel.

Everyone Has a Story If You’re Willing to Listen 
“Sometimes the stories are too raw for telling. Sometimes, as in Henry’s case, they’re aged like fine wine.”

Contemplating Life in the Shadow of Death 
While we still have breath, there is hope. We can't control all of our circumstances, but we can live with an attitude of life rather than one of death.

Praying for God’s Blessing Upon Oakville 
Fashion designer Linda Lundstrom addressed the 24th Annual Prayer Breakfast in Oakville, Ontario.

10 Ways Alcohol Wrecks Your Health 
Almost every organ and process in the body can be negatively affected by alcohol. Beyond that, it can negatively impact families and the community.




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