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God Makes a Difference - 2008


Filling the Empty Spot in My Heart
Suicide was on her mind. Could a Christmas candlelight service give her the peace her heart desired?

No Room in the Inn
Will you find room for Jesus to be born in you today?

Conversion on a Mountaintop
Dissatisfied with Hindu gods, a Hindu priest climbed a mountain determined to stay there till he met the real God.

Faithful Fisher
NHL player Mike Fisher wants to set an example. He considers his determination and work ethic a gift of God, and continually tries to use his abilities for God’s glory.

Fleury Shoots for New Goals
Theoren Fleury, one of Calgary’s best hockey players, struggled with addiction that nearly ended his life. He focuses now on scoring points with the Man Upstairs.

Journey to Truth
An interview with a young believer from a Muslim background.

‘Grim Reaper’ Sets New Goals
Nicknamed the ‘Grim Reaper,’ Stu Grimson is best known for his fighting-years in the NHL. Today, however, the only thing he’s fighting for is his faith and family.

Radar L*O*V*E
Gary Burghoff, the M*A*S*H star, now at 67 year of age, is still much loved.

Our Lives Were in Ruin
Alcohol, drugs, affairs and a losing business! It couldn’t be worse. In ten Alpha course classes, God changed it all.

Where There's Brokenness, There's Beauty
"The Church's response to homosexuality is culture's litmus test to the reality of our faith. Where we fail to love homosexuals, we fail the Gospel” (Brian Pengelly).

Savouring the Moment
“The small things are really the big things. Once you’ve died, you learn the real significance of living” (Patti Foster).

Why I Became a Gideon 
A little gift made a lifetime of difference.

A Marriage Made in Heaven
Claudette was about to leave her husband when she inadvertently tuned in to 100 Huntley Street. The next few minutes revolutionized her life and her marriage.

Finding the Power to Change
You may have come to the conclusion that you just can't change. There is hope. Here are some factors that may influence your ability to change.

Fearless Living 
“God wants you to have a blessed life. He wants you to reach farther than you have ever reached and to bless so many others” (Edward John).

A Change of Plans 
Is instant and radical change possible? Wayne says so. He exchanged a life of partying for one dedicated to serving others.

A Gift that Changed a Life 
Words from the Bible are powerful.  They meet every need and bring comfort in every circumstance.  When we turn to them, they change our life.

From Goth to God 
She was a Goth. The “real thing” – not a “wannabe.” But her aunt was praying for her. Then in the middle of a life of crime, she had a collision with God.

Home Hardware Founded on Christian Ethics
At 87, Walter Hachborn is grateful “to the good Lord” for a healthy constitution. He still arrives at his office promptly every morning.

Tombstone Evangelism 
What would you like on your tombstone? There are some amazing epithets out there. What do you want people to remember about you?

Former Drug Lord Rescues Addicts
Serge Leclerc was told he was beyond hope and redemption. He wore his label of “brain damaged” as a badge.

"I Surrender" 
Facing years of incarceration for a crime he did not commit, he wanted to die.  He hardly imagined that his time in jail could become the best time of his life.

When the Boat Rocks 
Only as we are spiritually anchored to Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God can we find true stability. Everything else can be shaken.

My Crooked Friend 
“Through penalty boxes, late-night telephone calls and broken noses, Kevin and I have always been there for each other” (Phil Callaway).

A Weighty Fear 
Hospitalized at 60 pounds because of anorexia, she should have been dead.  Instead she was wondering why she couldn’t lose any more weight.

A StandUp Woman 
She had everything going for her, until God called her. Then her life changed dramatically. Today, however, she knows she is right where He wants her to be, and she loves it.

God Opened Doors 
God’s call on her life has garnered international recognition for a Canadian Cree artist who saved the ancient art of birch bark biting from extinction.

Journey Through Suffering Was Worth All the Pain
A traumatic childhood and an even more difficult young adult life caused her to seek love in all the wrong ways, but God intervened and set her free.

New Point of View 
He’s a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Saskatchewan, and the Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Corrections.  You’d never know he once served 21 year behind bars.

God Makes a Difference 
“There is one recipe for permanent change and about a million for temporary change…”

A Call from the Darkness 
One more night. One more life in peril.  With God’s help the worker at the Salvation Army’s suicide crisis centre averts a tragedy.

It Was All about Trust
“Cancer! I never thought that I would hear that word used in reference to me.”
An Atheist Finds Freedom from Alcohol and Drugs 
He couldn’t explain the sudden freedom from a cycle of drug abuse and depression. Who but God could have set him free?

An Encounter with the “Prince of Peace” 
His peace was so powerful it could calm the most turbulent storms of life, even a distraught baby.

Catch a Falling Star 
The couple had broken up once before. Could Steve show her he was a changed man?




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