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Signs of the Times

Thought police on campus? Is that possible?

It’s happening at the alma mater of Don Hutchinson, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s legal counsel. “To my shock and horror as a Queen’s Alumni, my Alma Mater [is taking] the lead by moving beyond actual or imagined offence being at issue … to assigning students who deal with what Orwell described as ‘Thoughtcrime.’ This new assault is not just on action, or speech, but on belief itself.”

Is it a “sign of the times”? Doug Koop of ChristianWeek looks at some “signs,” perhaps representative of the “end times.” As one of the signs, he mentions a website that displays a scale called “the Rapture Index.” Don Hutchinson’s disclosure concerning the Orwellian thought police could likely raise that index a notch.

Another sign of the times concerns the relationship between Christmas and culture. Discussions are beginning early this year. “Christmas has lost its meaning [because] Christians have allowed it to happen,” says Sara Jewel, writer for the Nova Scotian. “As culture pushes religion out of public spaces, Christians need to reclaim Christmas.”

Popular opinion has it that Christians may “feel a lack of personal control in their lives because they have faith in divine control,” says University of Toronto professor Scott Schieman. According to a U of T study, that does not appear to be the case. Schieman says these findings are important in the current economic climate, when many people are losing their jobs, their homes and their savings.

We would like to point out yet another story this week.

Eight thousand Christians from all parts of the world celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem in October. Toronto’s TV producer Marney Blom was on location to capture the festivities on video. See “ Feast for a King” on the Acts News Network website, or read the story in print.

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Online Editor
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