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Life Isn't Always Predictable

" 'Domestication’ … was a pejorative term that conjured images of one-dimensional housewives like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver” in Jackie Pastrano Tan’s mind. She was a university graduate and aspiring career woman. She planned to marry, travel and fulfill her dreams, but life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan. Comment magazine tells of Jackie’s introduction to “reality” and her transition into parenthood.

For many young Afghan girls, life hasn’t turned out the way they planned either. World Vision’s Childview reports that in the midst of serious drought and the global food crisis, Afghan families are resorting to desperate measures – selling daughters as young as seven into marriage to men as many as 40 years their senior.

A lot of pain and discouragement can accompany some unplanned circumstances. Faith Today reports the story of West African missionaries who sent their children in good faith to a mission boarding school. A new documentary about child abuse at the school reopens the painful experiences of those who survived and endured physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual assaults. In All God’s Children: The Ultimate Sacrifice, former students share their memories from the late 1950s to the early 1970s.

Also this week, two takes on same-sex marriage. While the Polish IKEA catalogue is introducing “Ian and Steve” as a model of a modern couple living together, in Saskatchewan a marriage commissioner who refuses to “marry” same-sex couples on the basis of his religious convictions, is suing the government for violating his Charter rights.

We invite you to read these articles and scroll down for additional selections. But, may we ask, how far along are you in your Christmas planning? Here’s a word of encouragement. Even if everything seems like chaos, it has a way of coming together in the end, says award winning author Marcia Laycock. That’s the promise of Christmas.

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