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What’s happening in Ottawa?

When battle lines are drawn, people change. Good people can act badly, says Don Hutchinson, legal counsel for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC). He calls for improvement in behaviour among the people running our nation, and points out, “During the election, the EFC’s President, Bruce J. Clemenger, expressed the need for “civility” as the most important issue for Canada’s 40th Parliament, an expression echoed in his December 3 open letter to Parliamentarians and Canadians.”

In a time of economic uncertainty people need assurance of the stability of our government. In his letter Bruce Clemenger urges, “These disciplines, civility, integrity, statesmanship and extending grace, would be significant steps toward restoring and improving the functionality of Parliament and fostering political cohesion in uncertain times.”

Unfortunately good behaviour cannot be legislated points out pastor and writer Bert Warden. While today our society is governed by more laws than ever, he says, we have abandoned our spiritual motivation for godly behaviour. Jimmy Cobb, professor of ethics at Canadian Baptist Seminary, sheds an additional ray of light on this dilemma in his musings. How we choose to live or not live, he offers, is based on the value or worth we place on ourselves and others around us.

So far we’ve focused on the behaviour of our Parliamentarians this week, but may we redirect your thoughts to another matter involving self-worth?

Pastor Stanley Groothof tries to understand why our society seems to have lost the concept of modesty specifically in relation to the way we dress. His call is to parents. Why Do We Dress Our Daughters Like Skanks? he asks, and states, “Provocative, inappropriate clothing is not just a problem of immodesty. It’s a spiritual problem.” Focus on the Family’s Institute of Marriage and Family Canada recently published a review of the book, So Sexy So Soon. Communication is critical, they say. If we want to help our children navigate a sex-saturated culture then they need to learn our beliefs—not those of society around them.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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