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Financial Freedom - God's Desire for Us

Finances and the economy are on everyone’s mind. Where will it lead? Some say the bear will break out of its noose yet again and run free, but is bailing out large financial institutions the answer? Janet Epp Buckingham, director of the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, believes Christians should be concerned about current economic developments. The problems, she says, started with greed and have wrought great injustice on those already living on the financial “edge.”

The truth is, do we as Christians really understand how God wants us to handle finances? God intended us as stewards, not owners, says Randy Alcorn. He writes that stewardship isn’t a subcategory of the Christian life. It is the Christian life. Stewardship means managing what God has entrusted to us.

In her article, Recovering Financial Freedom, Joanne Bell, stewardship development director for the Free Methodist Church, says, “Many of us have been taught to view money and possessions in an unhealthy way which has resulted in bondage. We are enslaved because of our debt load.” Freedom from financial stress means going where God leads, serving whom He brings to you and giving what He asks of you. Isn’t that what we want?

Author Emily Wierenga offers students entering university some financial advice as well. It’s worth “keeping a grip on your wallet,” setting up a budget and hiring a life-coach to help sort it all out, she says.

Also this week, an interesting story about an enterprising church. Kyle Lawrence, a veteran TV producer at 21 years of age is in the final stages of producing a full-length movie at The Connection, a Baptist church in a Fraser Valley community. Intended for television distribution, The Scarf could be released before Christmas.

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