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“Blessed are You among Women!”
Women need blessing. Take these words from Elizabeth for yourself and be blessed among women.

These words were spoken from one (older) expectant mother to a much younger one, in Luke 1:42. They were spoken in a loud voice too! Elizabeth, the barren priest’s wife, had been given a gift of a child in her old age. John the Baptist was in her womb, leaping at the sound of Mary, Jesus’ pregnant mother, coming to visit! This story is one of my favourites in the Bible, because I think it has a lot to say to women of today.

Leonardo da Vinci, The Sketch of the Head of Madonna, approx. 1484 AD.
Photo, courtesy of Wikipedia.

First of all, women need blessing. Did you know that women make up 49 percent of the world’s population, form 25 percent of its paid labour force, head 33 percent of its households, make up 95 percent of its nurses, perform 62 percent of its work hours, yet… they receive ten percent of the world’s income, own one percent of its property, make up 70 percent of its poor, 66 percent of the illiterate, 80 percent of the refugees, 75 percent of the sick…    Women sure could use blessing!

So what exactly is ‘blessing’? Simply put, it is God’s favour poured out upon someone or something. In this Advent story, God’s favour was given in the gift of children, to two women who were not expecting to expect! They were truly blessed with great Christmas gifts. If you are a parent, see your child as a true gift of God to you this Christmas too.

The next thing I love about this story in the first chapter of Luke’s Gospel is that women are blessing one another! In fact, the older one is blessing the younger. What a wonderful pattern for us! How often do we hear older women ragging on about ‘the younger generation’ in a not-so-positive way? Here, ‘Aunt Lizzie’, Mary’s relative, was overjoyed and Spirit-led in her outburst of blessing to the probably frightened and overwhelmed young mother-to-be. Let us as women take time to find another woman to speak words of encouragement to this Christmas.

And finally, take these words from Elizabeth for yourself. Blessed are you among women. God has blessed us as women, our DNA has 2 ‘x’ chromosomes – we are extra special being of the female gender. Women around the world are seen as lesser beings, but God created women to be blessed, and to be a blessing to others. May you be truly blessed this Christmas season, as you ponder the miracle that God chose a woman to bring His Son to Earth through! Mary was truly blessed, and she serves as a model as to how much God values the female gender. God bless you! Blessed are you among women!

Statistics taken from Researcher Justin Long, published on March 11, 1998, by the Global Evangelization Movement.

Melissa Bone is an international speaker and teacher of God’s Word. Her favourite topics are blessing and the role of women in the Gospels.

Originally published in Cornerstone, December 2008.




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