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The Promise of Christmas
It might not look like it now, but it’ll all come together in the end, even if it takes a miracle.

Chaos reigned. That's how it seemed as we rehearsed our Christmas play. The first rehearsal didn't happen. The second one was only a bit better, and three-quarters of the cast didn't make it to the third.

It happens every year. Kids run helter-skelter, some don't show up, some can't find costumes or those made for them don't fit. This year seemed a bit more chaotic than usual, but I knew somehow it would all come together in the end.

The night of the performance seemed to go well. I say "seemed" because I was too busy trying to keep my "cast" quiet to notice if the play was working. One of the Magi discovered he could use the shepherd's headband as a slingshot to wing the beads off his crown across the front of the church. That delighted the kids in the front row who dashed out to grab them. Mary couldn't stop squirming because her costume was made of wool, and Joseph kept changing his mind about which robe fit — right up until he walked onto the "stage."

I wasn't sure it had really all come together until the audience stood to applaud. When many congratulated us on a job well done, my response was, "It's a miracle!"

And that's the promise of Christmas — it all comes together in the end. I'm sure the followers of Jesus, watching His life and death, felt the same way we "directors" had. To those who thought they were in control, it looked like chaos reigned. From the moment of His birth, He had to run from those who wanted to kill Him. As He performed miracles, religious leaders plotted against Him. Even the disciples themselves didn't understand His message. Then, the cross. It looked like everything they tried to accomplish was doomed to fail. But in the end…

In the end, the stone was rolled away. The baby born in a stable and crucified on a cross was raised glorified, to the glory of His Father.

And there is another promise yet to unfold. One day, God has told us, "Before me every knee will bow; by me every tongue will swear" (Isaiah 45:23).

It will be a miracle and it really will all come together in the end.

Marcia Lee Laycock is a pastor's wife, mother and freelance writer/ speaker who lives in Ponoka, Alberta. Marcia Laycock won the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award in 2006 for her novel, One Smooth Stone, available at Christian bookstores. Visit her website - This article is adapted from Focused Reflections (© 2005 Marcia Lee Laycock).

Originally published in Focus on the Family, December 2007.




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