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Congratulations to Focus on the Family

As we struggle to be relevant in our culture, Carol Shield’s book, Larry’s Party, reminds us that if we speak the same language as our culture, we won’t influence it for God. What approach, therefore, shall we take to reach Canada for Christ and His Church today? Doug Matacio, chair of religious studies at Canadian University College, says Canadians are looking for churches that help them draw closer to God and are contemporary, inclusive, relevant, and genuine. He proposes a seven-point strategy for reaching out.

Very simple outreach won the heart of a Muslim teen. The lifestyle of his Christian school friends and a local church convinced him to consider the Christian faith. In an interview with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada magazine Testimony, he talks about his encounter with Christ and the place the Muslim faith held in his life.

If you are interested in learning more about Islam, Wayne Holst invites you to consider Margot Patterson’s book, Islam Considered: A Christian View. It is a reader-friendly, brief but worthwhile introduction to the history, faith and practice of Islam.

Testimonies of how people come to know Christ are always unique and inspiring, but here is an especially touching story of a couple’s love and commitment. It is the story of an adoption process: A summer vacation with the Montana couple became a dream come true for three children from a Filipino orphanage.

We invite you to enjoy the above articles, and scroll down for more. But before you do, along with ChristianWeek we would like to honour Focus on the Family on their 25-year anniversary of helping families thrive. Though it might sound simple, defending the natural family is one of the toughest jobs undertaken by any Christian group in Canada.

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Online Editor
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Artist Bruce Head Acknowledged at Canadian Mennonite University 
The artist that pained The Four Seasons in CMU’s Great Hall is acknowledged.

Settlement Reached in Defamation Suit
An out-of-court settlement of a lawsuit by First Place Pregnancy Centre is a “victory . . . for crisis pregnancy centres generally.”

Veteran Apologist Tackles Tolle Bestseller
A widely respected Christian apologist has decided to confront and refute spiritual teachings being promoted by one of the world’s most popular media personalities.

Believers Are Generous, But For a Reason
A new study by the University of British Columbia indicates that people of faith are most likely to be generous under certain conditions.

Controversial Medical Policy Changed
The CPSO toned down a new policy on faith and the Human Rights Code after an outcry from Christian doctors and advocacy groups.




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