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Learning to Laugh When Life Stinks

Jesus laughed! Even though we may not find these words in the Bible, we know that God laughs (see Psalm 2). He also takes pleasure in us. Cliff Prang, pastor of the Abbotsford Vineyard, writes, “If I am indeed created in the image of God, my funny bone must have come from somewhere much deeper than me.” So love, joy and even laughter may be emotional responses with divine roots.

One thing we know for sure, as Phil Callaway puts it, “the fruit of the Spirit is not lemons.” Our presentation as Christians makes an impression on the world. Not only that, but there are many benefits to a rolling belly laugh. It’s a genuine stress-buster with no side effects.

So, how’s your sense of humour? You can find out. All you have to do is answer the questions in another of Phil Callaway’s articles honestly and you will know your FQ (Funnybone Quotient).

These articles will help you connect with a Christian perspective on laughter, but then you will also need something to laugh at. Master story-teller Dan Unrau, pastor of Fraserview Mennonite Church in Richmond, B.C., shares one of those real life experiences that must be recorded for posterity. Read it and laugh.

For more serious subject matter, please scroll down. But one additional mention this week:

Robert Sibley, in an excellent article for the Ottawa Citizen titled One Nation Under God, writes, “The increasingly secular Canada, which doesn't want religion raised in its political debates, is a far cry from the days when ‘God’s dominion’ was forged.” A note, however, must be appended: please see also the September 27, 2008 related letter and correction to the article by EFC General Legal Counsel, Don Hutchinson.

Enjoy your reading!


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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