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I Will Go
Want to go on mission overseas? MBMS International invites you to explore both short-term and long-term mission opportunities. Your life could be transformed.

Short-term mission

There is nothing short term about mission!  We believe mobilization is God’s invitation to join Him on the journey of His global mission.  The journey is open to everyone and people have responded in very significant ways.  Even though the term sometimes looks a bit ‘shorter’ in length, the mission remains the same.  Participants return with a greater commitment to mission, stronger belief in risk taking obedience and deeper love for all nations.  God transforms lives and local churches through experiential mission.  Transformed lives are contagious!

In 2008, more than 700 people including children, teens, adults, singles, married couples and seniors responded to the call to go.  MBMS International hosted many different kinds of mission programs and events, ranging in length from two days to one year, where people could experience a taste of cross-cultural mission.  

Even more incredible than the number of people who said “I will go,” was the time investment they were willing to make.  More than 16,500 days were invested by these people to be trained and to serve in mission!
Where do long term career missionaries come from?  It often starts with experiences in shorter term mission.

We are building the next generation of missionaries.  We are seeing evidence of this already as more than 90 percent of the long-term missionaries mobilized by MBMSI in the past three years have completed one or more short term assignments with MBMSI. 

Since 2005, we have hosted more than 30 Celebrate Mission Nights across North America where more than 6,000 people have gathered to hear the life transforming stories of mission. We invite you to attend one of these events in a city near you (visit The mission begins when you check "I will go!"

Long-term mission

We believe the most effective way to transform communities is to plant churches that bring His Kingdom to the least reached.  We believe in church planting through teams walking in the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.  We desire to form international church planting teams that reflect the Trinity in their relational life and live the shared values of Jesus’ Kingdom as they plant churches in cross-cultural contexts.

Holistic church planting means that our teams will lead people to Jesus and form communities of followers around Him in such a way that they experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in all areas of their lives (e.g. spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, familial, financial).

As kingdom communities experiencing radical transformation, we expect new churches to influence their relationship networks and actively promote the transformation of their surrounding society through holistic initiatives (e.g. orphanages, micro-enterprise, education, agriculture, peacemaking).  It takes a dedicated team of people to see churches planted among the least reached.

MBMS International is being intentional to integrate our short term program with our long term teams.  Every short term team sent by MBMS International is dedicated to supporting our long term workers.  These people experienced incredible transformation and had a transformational impact upon our missionaries and the least reached.

As we look upon the fields, we see that the harvest is plentiful. Will you go long-term?

Originally published in Witness, Annual Report 2007.




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