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3D Shoot Connects with Local Bow Hunters
An Alberta church group hit upon a unique outreach when they discovered that they could use whatever talents God had given them for sharing the Gospel in their community.

One day my friend and fellow seminary student Aaron Scofield and I were walking in the valley behind our school, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary (CSBS) in Cochrane, Alberta. As we walked, we talked about evangelism. He shared with me his concern that he wanted to live a lifestyle of evangelism, but didn’t feel suited for it. He said he wasn’t an extrovert and didn’t know how to get into the conversation of sharing the Gospel.

Aaron Scofield aims for a target at the 3D Shoot held in Cochrane, Alberta.
Photo courtesy Brenda Peacock.

I asked him, “What are you good at?” The idea of evangelism using our talents wasn’t new to me. Two months earlier at Cambrian Heights Baptist church we had launched an evangelism movement called Action 52 – a platform from which we share the Gospel through service, friendship and our talents. The concept was subsequently incorporated as an outreach of the Canadian National Baptist Convention where I work in evangelism.

“One of the things that I love is bow hunting,” Aaron said. And the idea hit me, I said, “Why don’t you use bow hunting to reach the hunters in Cochrane the way I used soccer and art to reach people in Toronto. Use what you’re good at to break the ice and then share the Gospel.” 

Aaron’s eyes lit up. He told me he could develop a 3D Shoot event for hunters. Using his hunting ability we could build relationships with hunters while we spent the day together shooting at 3D targets. The dream was clear. We could advertise it, have a children’s program and develop relationships with people by serving our community.

Aaron and I began meeting every Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m. to pray for the lost and for the upcoming event. Volunteers from Montana and some members of Bow Valley Baptist Church, in Cochrane, came to set up the 35 targets, life-sized, heavy rubber animals, throughout 70 acres of land. Rob and Leigh Allain, Jeremiah and Mindy Pierson, Samuel and Alessandra Medeiros and Mary Parra developed a children’s program for children of hunters participating in the 3D Shoot. Brenda Peacock was the official photographer of the event and Rachel Crisby and Alicia Scofield took care of registration.

Abi Pierson and Sarah Medeiros enjoy indoor activities provided for the families participating in the 3D Shoot.

On May 24, the day of the 3D Shoot, the weather was not on our side—it was pouring rain and cold—but we continued with the plan. Entire families came. A hunter named Jason brought his family: his wife Lynn, and their children, Hunter and River. They all took part. To our surprise, in spite of the weather 20 hunters participated in the 3D Shoot that was scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Since the event we have been developing friendships with the hunters, calling them, inviting them for dinner, going for coffee. We want to see all of them come to know Christ. Our goal for the summer was to visit all who participated and tell them about the Gospel.

On August 9, 2008, we invited the participants for a hunter’s banquet. Brodie Swisher a hunter/evangelist was the guest speaker during the dinner. At this event we had prizes for the hunters and we viewed pictures from the 3D Shoot. Currently we are still developing relationships, letting the Spirit guide us for the right moment to present the Gospel, and discipling these hunters. 

There are more than 400 hunters in Cochrane and they all know about our event. God willing, our goal is to plant a church for hunters and their families among them through service evangelism.

Cesar Parra is a member of the evangelism movement, Action 52, an outreach to the lost across the nation. The vision is for all churches to help, encourage, and support one another in developing a nation-wide movement of prayer evangelism and discipleship. Cesar Parra can be reached at Bow Hunting outreach is part of ACTION 52.

Originally published in Baptist Horizon, July 2008.




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