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Do You Know Who To Vote For?

Only two more weeks until the election. Do you know who to vote for?

In a democracy, says Dr. Margaret Somerville, we vote for someone who shares our values. But when no one politician or political party offers a "values package" that we can agree with in its entirety, who do we vote for? Politicians, she says, have failed to realize that Canadians' values systems are far more complex than the old left-right dichotomy.

Dr. John Redekop offers six guidelines that “may be useful for fellow pilgrims finding their way through the political maze.” These reasons, he says, “champion the religious and political values rooted in Christianity. They have stood the test of time. These values – and parties and candidates who embody them – deserve our support.”

A recurring theme in the Christian media appears to be, What are the key issues in this election?

ChristianWeek quotes 16 Canadian Christian leaders who offer their perspectives on what they believe are the issues of greatest concern. Executive Director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, David Quist, presents issues the Institute says “should be part of a public discourse.” He wonders whether Canada’s politicians are really talking about issues Canadians want to hear.

Also in the news is a case involving an Alberta Hutterite colony that wants an exemption for some of its members from the requirement to have photo I.D. on their drivers’ licenses. The case could have a “lot to do with religious freedom of the Church” says Bruce J. Clemenger, president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Finally this week, a tribute to “one of the bravest and indomitable voices for truth and freedom.” A look into the life of the late Alexander Solzhenitsyn whose work of witness against communist dictatorship lives on in his voluminous and soul-stirring writings.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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