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Be Kind to That Stranger - He Might Be An Angel

Our spirits have been overwhelmed this week by the exemplary faith of one man in the face of the most profound of tragedies—the loss of his entire family. Mark Woerlen's love for his Saviour has resonated far beyond the heart of the Church (see the article below, A Grief So Profound It Hurts Our Souls) to touch the heart of the world.

Life is precious. We believe it is in the Lord's hands. Yet profound cultural changes are altering the way Western societies regard death and dying (Life and Death Issues Take Centre Stage).

Perhaps a reflection of our society's spiritual hunger is the protracted public preoccupation with angels. We see their images everywhere. Most intriguing, of course, are the true-life stories (Was He an Angel?) that leave us with a sense of divine encounter.

Food for the spirit: don't miss The Danger of Partial Victory. If God gives you a task, He'll give you the tools to carry it out. Also, read the story of one woman's victory over addiction (Getting Set Free from Smoking).

For these, and other good articles, click on the headlines below. Have a great week, and pray for the persecuted Church this Sunday, November 21, 2004.

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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Other Articles This Week

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Are people today more interested in entertainment than they are in "the arts"? Knowing the difference between them can enhance our understanding of the world.

A New Vision, a New Heart and a Renewed Call
At a recent Forum for World Evangelization in Thailand, hundreds of Christian leaders met to exchange information and ideas on crucial issues facing evangelism.

Textbook Stickers Papering Over a Growing Controversy
It might be early to substitute the teaching of Intelligent Design for evolution in schools, but evolution must not be solely promoted with religious zeal.

Africa Can Shake Up Notions About How to Raise Children
In Africa, where many children don't have the luxury of being raised by two parents, children survive and thrive in circumstances we would consider damaging.

Can the Bible Help You in Business?
Common business practices can often be completely opposite to practices the Bible endorses. What happens to a business run on Christian principles?

Freedom Is More Than Just the Freedom to Make Money
While some Canadians are benefiting from the economic revival sweeping China, others are forced to invest in defending those whose rights are being stripped from them.

Hell's Best Kept Secret
Eighty to ninety percent of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the faith. The reason is a well-kept secret. An audio message.

Life and Death Issues Take Centre Stage
Why, after we have prohibited euthanasia for thousands of years, are we now considering such a radically different response to human dying and death?

Luther: A Man for This Season
Martin Luther's discovery of a merciful God comes through in a new film that's also riveting entertainment.

The Danger of Partial Victory
We can always expect trouble when we don't finish something we start. God provides what we need to complete the task.

Was He an Angel?
Have you ever entertained an angel unaware? This couple might have.

What Does It Mean to Love God with the Mind?
We can love God with our minds in many ways, but most important, we honour Him when we open our minds to Him.

Getting Set Free from Smoking
I was a three-pack-a-day smoker until I discovered the best way to quit was to surrender control of my life to God.

Ministers Push for Unionization of United Church
United Church ministers are pushing to join the Canadian Auto Workers' union. Their complaints are similar to those of other CAW members.

Christians Debate Federal Childcare Plan
Christian organizations are debating whether a new federal child care program will give them choice for the care and education of young children.

Quebec Christians: The Urban Legend
Legend would have it that there are only .5 percent Evangelical Christians in Quebec. A recent survey indicates that this figure is a vast underestimation.

A Grief So Profound It Hurts Our Souls
They couldn't really be gone.

Christians and Jews Rally Against Muslim Anti-Semitism
Recent expressions of anti-Semitism prompted a public expression of solidarity among Vancouver's Christians and Jews.





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