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It's Never Too Late to Answer God's Call

The season to celebrate God's gift to humankind is once again upon us. If not Santa, then what image most accurately conveys the meaning of Christmas to our children (see the article below, God's Christmas Image)?

Has your desire always been to serve God and contribute to His kingdom? Do you think you've missed it? Don't worry. You can step into God's call on your life at any age (Finishing Well). But be prepared—some spiritual forces may not want you to move ahead in God (Purity Before Freedom).

Forces with diverse agendas have of late influenced various social spheres. Contrary to their wishes, parents are being told their kids should stay in "anti-homophobia" classes (Muslim Parents Urged to Keep Kids in Pro-Gay Classes). Euthanasia and assisted suicide are back on the public agenda (Life and Death Reloaded). Government officials are giving unfair advantage to atheists and agnostics as they try to maintain a separation between Church and State (God Giveth; Will the Tax Department Taketh Away?). And marriage commissioners, irrespective of conscience, are expected to perform same-sex weddings (Canadian Court Decisions Violate Charter's "Freedom of Conscience" Protection).

For more on marriage, the article, Marriage is a Precious Gift from God, is an excellent, well-researched document that you can use to defend the biblical view of marriage.

For these and other excellent articles, click on the headlines below.

Blessings in Christ,

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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Life and Death Reloaded
Euthanasia and assisted suicide are back on the public agenda. Why won't they die?

God's Christmas Image
If Santa is not the best image for Christmas, what image can most accurately reveal the meaning of this celebration to our children?

Fundraising Lessons Learned the Hard Way
One charity's experience proves that charities that accept pledges as a method of fundraising also need to be aware of their inherent risks.

Finishing Well
It's never too late to act on the call of God in your life. Going back to school to prepare can be just as rewarding at 59 as at 19.

Christian Radio Poised to Influence Millions
Christian radio has entered a new phase of maturity and growth in Canada to the point where some Christian stations are gaining audiences from their mainstream rivals.

Purity Before Freedom
Whenever anyone moves ahead in the Holy Spirit, this angel of light poses roadblocks and provides would-be detractors.

Marriage Is a Precious Gift from God
This is a defining moment in the history of the family in Canada.

And Much More
An Ontario congregation is partnering with a church in a developing country to provide practical assistance and encourage spiritual transformation of an entire community.

God Giveth; Will the Tax Department Taketh Away?
As bureaucrats set their sights on what they see as intrusion on the government's primary business of keeping the country secular, they give unfair advantage to atheists and agnostics.

Canadian Court Decisions Violate Charter's "Freedom of Conscience" Protection
MP urges provincial governments to provide "a conscience exemption" for marriage commissioners who for reasons of conscience object to performing a same-sex wedding.

Jesus Is Driving Me "Crazy"
God's kingdom is backwards to the world around us, but the "foolish thing in God," in the end, "is wiser than men, and the weak thing from God is stronger than men" (1 Corinthians 1:25).

Secret Offer Feds Made to Churches Comes to Light
Churches harbouring refugees were asked to turn over a few failed refugee claimants each year whose status would then be reconsidered.

Muslim Parents Urged to Keep Kids in Pro-Gay Classes
Contrary to their wishes, parents are told their kids should stay in "anti-homophobia" classes.

Community Centre Gateway to Church
The Christian and Missionary Alliance has launched a church that provides a "tangible expression of good works."

Critics Wrong to Paint Bush as Religious Fanatic
Note that Bush does not propose to impose his Christian faith on anybody, but only to bring reasonable people together to enact good laws.

Avian Influenza—The Next Gobal Pandemic?
It's tempting to adopt an attitude of fear, but it's better to fix our eyes on God and anticipate His intervention.




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