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God Still Loves the Jews - His Chosen People

Israel is the end-times battleground. The outward clash of religion, politics and culture represents only a fraction of the raging war over the land in the heavenlies. Read Arab Islamic Attitudes toward Jews and Zionism to learn about the roots of this conflict. Also, the Jews are still God's chosen people. See the weblog Jacob, Joseph and Pharaoh for insight into the relationship of the Church with the Jewish people and to find out how you can pray for them. Will they come to know the Messiah? A Jewish believer testifies of his commitment to Christ (Jewish Roots and the Fruits of Faith).

Do you remember the story of the Israelite tribes who built an altar on the border to honour God (see Joshua 22:10-11)? The other tribes accused them of building an altar to an idol. The story Mongolian Rocks reads like a page out of history to illustrate just what these altars to idols might have looked like.

And finally, why do so many commentators disparage U.S. President George W. Bush as a dangerous Christian fanatic? See Critics Wrong to Paint Bush as Religious Fanatic.

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Other Articles This Week

Jacob, Joseph and Pharaoh
A prayer guide for the last days: the story of Joseph reconciling with his brothers has many prophetic parallels to the relationship of the Church with Jewish people today.

Intelligent Design: A Reason to Get Wired?
Editors who support Darwinism apparently are worried about the increasing popularity of the Intelligent Design perspective.

From the Killing Fields to Kingdom Impact
After the "killing fields" there were only 200 Christians left in Cambodia. There are now almost 300,000.

Critics Wrong to Paint Bush as Religious Fanatic
Why do so many disparage U.S. President George W. Bush as a dangerous Christian fanatic, while lauding Kerry who espouses faith if it suits his agenda?

Abuse of Authority
Sheep can be bitten by the shepherd! Why do we seldom hear of church leaders being dismissed for abuse of authority?

Arab Islamic Attitudes Toward Jews and Zionism
Is peace possible? This article can help you understand the conflict in the Middle East.

Christian Schools Reach Out to Students in Caring and Faith
Four Christian post-secondary educational institutions provide a variety of education, from liberal arts to seminary training.

Hearing God
A must read book for everyone wrestling with spirituality. It explains the Evangelical and Reformed traditions.

Jewish Roots and the Fruits of Faith
When God's love through caring Christians lifted his mom out of deep depression, this young Jewish boy discovered the Messiah.

Letting Go—A Mother and Daughter's Story
Would her daughter survive? To save her life she had to let her go and trust God to take care of her.

Mongolian Rocks
Trapped in Shamanism, the Mongolian people bow to rocks—symbols of luck and of needs.

Purging God from the Eurocracy
If the new European Commission denies leading Italian philosopher Rocco Buttiglione freedom of theological opinion, what hope is there for anyone else?

Sackcloth and Ashes
A spiritual "soul"—powers and principalities of darkness—in any country, government, company, or structure, guides the thinking and behaviour of that institution.

Tis the Season to Be Jolly: Keeping the Stress Out of Christmas
Too much to do and not enough time? Here are ten ways to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and de-stress this year.

The View from "Jesusland North"
A powerful and distinct subculture unites evangelicals on both sides of the 49th Parallel.

Charges Against Youth for Christ Worker Dropped
Contrary to the way we believe the law operates, this Youth for Christ worker was charged and presumed guilty until charges were dropped.

"Canadian Idol" Honours God
When Kalan Porter was crowned "Canadian Idol," newspapers reported his dream of stardom had been fulfilled. Not so.

Gay Widows Win Pension Case
Court ruling: Denying millions of dollars of retroactive pension payments to widowed gays and lesbians is irrational and unconstitutional.

One Chance Left to Give MPs a Right to Vote on Definition of Marriage
Only pro-marriage bills have been rendered non-votable by a Commons committee in the past. A current private bill to define marriage traditionally can be appealed once more.





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