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Heaven Is Invading Canadian Cities

Lots of Good News today!

God loves us! There's nothing we can do to make Him love us more (see the article, Bad News Religion below). We need to rest in His love, and then see what can happen if we pray and come together in unity (Heaven is Invading Canadian Cities).

Prayer that transforms cities is not just for some select intercessors. God will change circumstances and the state of nations in response to our prayers. But first we must come to God in His prescribed way (Why Revival Tarries). Then God will hear us, heal our land (God Keep Our Land) and change things for good in our lives, and the lives of those around us (The Priesthood of All Believers Manifested by Prayer).

More good news! "Christmas" may be on its way back "in" (Joy to the World, the Christmas Chill has Thawed!). Are you consumed with the Christmas rush, or Is There Room for Jesus this Christmas in your life? If you're really stuck for a gift idea for a loved one this Christmas, get two hens and a rooster or a goat, some bunnies or a fruit tree in their name (This Year, Give the Gift of Goat).

For these and other excellent articles (Christians in a Muslim Land, or When Religion and Politics Mix, for example), click on the headlines below.

Blessings in Christ,

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Other Articles This Week

A Time to Be Silent
In our anxiety to impart religious knowledge in an entertaining format, are we inadvertently drowning out God's voice?

Bad News Religion
There is nothing you have to do for God to love you more. Get off the bad news bandwagon and rest in God's love. Let Him do His works through you. A video interview.

Christians in a Muslim Land
In some countries Muslims have demonstrated a strategy. They have infiltrated the country until their population numbers about half, and then they make war, or "Jihad."

God Keep Our Land
For God to visit us with His peace, wisdom, and healing, we need to show a willingness to do what He requires. We must pray for those who are ignorant of the need to pray.

Heaven Is Invading Canadian Cities
As believers and church leaders are coming together in the unity, amazing things are happening in our cities. It's just a foretaste of what is about to come.

Is There Room for Jesus This Christmas?
The innkeeper didn't make room for God's Son in his inn that very first Christmas. Do we give Him room in our busy lives today?

Life at School
How does the educational setting challenge or nurture faith? How do students and faculty meet that challenge? Four respondents share their perspectives.

The Priesthood of All Believers Manifested by Prayer
How many blessings have we missed through lack of prayer? We'll never know what might have been. But let's take it from here. Now is the time to get close to God in prayer.

Understanding Fundamentalists
Intentionally promoting fear and mistrust of a segment of the population is the first step to legitimizing discrimination and persecution.

When Religion and Politics Mix
The interplay of religion and politics has created fallout that affects Canadian believers in many areas. The author addresses these issues.

Why Revival Tarries
It's been said that with the nature and extent of the sin of God's people today, God would have to apologize to the cities He destroyed if He did not deal with us.

Grace Flies into Canadian Theatres
The new Canadian release, See Grace Fly, raises some interesting questions about the intersection of the natural and the supernatural.

CBC Crowns Baptist Socialist "The Greatest Canadian"
Tommy Douglas, the late former leader of the NDP who masterminded Canada's Medicare system and served as a Baptist minister, received CBC's top award.

Iraqi Christians Living in Danger - No Longer Available
The possibility that safety and freedom from religious persecution will prevail in the near future is highly unlikely. Canada should consider accepting a higher number of Iraqi Christians as refugees.

This Year, Give the Gift of Goat - No Longer Available
If you're really stuck for a gift idea for a loved one this Christmas, get two hens and a rooster or a goat, some bunnies or a fruit tree in their name.

Joy to the World, the Christmas Chill Has Thawed!
Is Christmas on its way back in? "Merry Christmas" is noticeably replacing "Happy Holidays" in some prominent venues.





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