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Stay Informed on the Defence of Marriage

Licia Corbella's love for words is exceeded only by her love of the Lord. That is why last year at this time the Calgary Sun editor found herself on assignment in Kabul to help distribute Christmas boxes with Operation Christmas Child. See the article below, Write from the Heart. Also, read one of Licia's columns in the Calgary Sun where she tells the story of a Christmas experience she and her family likely won't forget (Yuletide Memory Still Burns), and be reminded of safety in your own Christmas celebrations.

Still stuck for gift ideas? Be original and give creative, practical, environmentally friendly gifts that encourage good values (Dream of Green, Not White, This Christmas). Also, see what a group of Christians are doing to overcome commercialism (Uncluttering ChristmasandGiving More By Giving Less). A gift from the heart very often can result in a lifetime memory for you and your loved one (Extravagant Sacrifice).

For these articles, and for excellent commentary on the news (Janet Epp Buckingham's The Supreme Opinion on Marriage, for example), click on the headlines below.

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Other Articles This Week

The Supreme Opinion on Marriage
Why did the media report that gays and lesbians were celebrating the decision? Because they know how to spin!

Philosopher Antony Flew Has Flown—from Atheism!
Flew's conversion to deism is of immense importance. Atheist websites are in a tizzy. Is this the beginning of mass flight?

A Modern-day Crime Against Humanity
Suicide bombings, unimaginable and grotesque as they are, have become routine. Canadians are ideally placed to mobilize public opinion behind a UN initiative against them.

Dream of Green, Not White, This Christmas
Don't know what to buy? Here are some creative, practical, environmentally friendly gift alternatives that bring cheer and encourage good values.

Don't Be Afraid of George Bush's Religion
Contrary to the recent unmerciful attacks against Evangelicals, Bush has a faith that contributes positively to his leadership.

Extravagant Sacrifice
A gift from the heart is a sacrifice of love.

Giving More by Giving Less
Help somebody who really needs it. That kind of giving is much more meaningful than lavishing presents on people who already have too much.

Kinsey: All in the Name of Science
Alfred C. Kinsey shaped the 20th century sexual revolution. A campaign now appears to be underway to suppress the truth of his perversion and "normalize" his image.

Taking Sex Education Too Far
Too much information! New Brunswick parents have a legitimate concern about the Human Growth and Development curriculum introduced into their schools.

The Last Chapter Is the Best
We remember Scrooge as the old miser. But he turned to God, and when he did, God remembered only the last pages of his life. How will you be remembered?

Uncluttering Christmas
A group of Canadian Christians has some creative ideas for celebrating an "alternative" Christmas.

Write from the Heart
A Christian in mainstream media, the editor of the Calgary Sun paper lives her faith in the public arena.

Yuletide Memory Still Burns
Smoke detectors saved my family from an unimaginable fate.

Israel Advised to 'Transfer' Palestinians
Joseph Farah outlines a controversial roadmap for a peace plan in the Middle East to a Canadian audience.

Slapped by the Law
Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette has introduced a bill that would make parental spanking of children a criminal offence.





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