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Accommodating Social Attitudes

Christians have been “called on the carpet.” Why? For practising elements of Christian faith that are out of step with changing social attitudes. Naturally, as Christians we should acknowledge and repent when we make mistakes or do wrong, but these issues are different. They demand that Christians rethink faith to accommodate an existing social climate.

For example Vincent Li, the man who committed the macabre bus slaying, used to attend Grant Memorial Baptist Church in Winnipeg. Now the church is inundated with criticism for refraining from condemning him publicly. But “How does a church sufficiently deplore horrible acts without abandoning the Christian message of steadfast love, boundless mercy and endless forgiveness?” asks Doug Koop, editor at ChristianWeek.

In another incident Christian Horizons, an evangelical ministry that provides community living services in Ontario, is appealing part of a controversial Ontario Human Rights Commission ruling against it, according to Catholic Insight. The ruling has implications for other Christian ministries across Canada that require staff to adhere to specific standards of behaviour considered biblical.

And in British Columbia conservative Christians who refused vaccinations have been linked to an outbreak of mumps. Jim Coggins writes for BC Christian News that “The controversy has raised ethical issues, and sparked debate over the limits of religious rights."

At the same time, the good news of God’s kingdom continues to prosper at the hands of committed Christians at home and abroad:

In a culture that tilts toward negativity, Christian school principals can be “agents of hope” according to a Faith Today article that looks at the godly influence of Christian principals in the public school system. A Beacon article tells the story of a woman who believes that “smiles are important.” She helped establish dental clinics in Haiti to minister to school children. And on Canadian Christianity read about missionary Huldah Buntain who has spent five decades in India with Buntains' Calcutta Mission but is still going strong.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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