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Rehearsing for Heaven Again
Last year 16,000 gathered for the worship event, Heaven’s Rehearsal. This year even more are expected on November 1st at the Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome).

An evening worship event that drew more than 16,000 Christians last year in Toronto will be held again this November. Representatives “from every nation” will gather once again for a time of song and dance and Scripture in preparation for Christ’s return, say organizers of Heaven’s Rehearsal.

“The vision of Heaven’s Rehearsal is simply this: followers of Jesus from every nation, tribe, people and language in one place, worshipping Jesus, the King of kings and Ruler of the nations, as found in the book of Revelation 7:9,” explains Kathy Mainse. She and Reynold Mainse, co-hosts of the Christian TV show 100 Huntley Street, envisioned the event and help organize and promote it.

Last year believers from 127 nations united in song and dance and hearing Scripture read at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Even more are expected this year on November 1, 2008, at the Rogers Centre (formerly the SkyDome).

Through such gatherings, the Mainses hope to help Canada fulfil its role as a “healer of the nations” and to demonstrate that all nations and generations can come together as family in Jesus.

“As in heaven, there will be no preacher or featured singing group – the honour alone will be given to God,” says Reynold Mainse. “We don’t want people attending because they love a certain singer; we want them there because they love Jesus. That’s why it was such a huge success last year. If we’d had one particular band we’d have gotten one particular kind of people but, because everyone loves Jesus, we got people from all nations and all ages there to worship the Lord. It was like a family reunion.”

The Mainses are seeking churches to pray for the event, offer financial support and help represent the nations at this year’s celebration.

Emily Wierenga is an author based in Blyth, Ontario. Her book, Save My Children, is available through Castle Quay Books.

Originally published in Faith Today, September/October 2008.




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