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It's Not A Done Deal Yet

It's not a done deal yet but the opportunity to act will soon be over!

Our religious freedom will be in uncharted territory if parliament succeeds in redefining marriage to include same-sex couples! The gay lobby is working hard to achieve their goals, and it is necessary for Christians to act. Experts are concerned. See Janet Epp Buckingham's weblog below (see Raise Your Voice on Marriage), and find out how YOU can make a difference!

Christians are taking action in tsunami relief efforts (see Christian Agencies Bring Relief to Tsunami Victims). Geoff Tunnicliffe, director of Global Initiatives with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, is currently on location with relief organizations in Sri Lanka. See his posting on relief work among and through Christians in the stricken areas (see Update from Sri Lanka).

Nothing is impossible! Stories of God's goodness (see Happy Birthday Isaac) refresh us and allow us to reflect on our walk with God (see Walking with God) and our relationship with others (see Put First Things First and Does the Christian Have a Responsibility to the Poor). For a look at how people of other faiths might perceive us, see Building Bridges.

For additional good articles that inspire faith and thought, click on the headlines below. Have a great week!

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Other Articles This Week

Update from Sri Lanka
On assignment: the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's representative, Geoff Tunnicliffe wasn't prepared for what he saw when he arrived in Sri Lanka.

Raise Your Voice on Marriage
It can't be overemphasized: YOU can make a difference on the definition of marriage IF you let your voice be heard.

Walking with God
A new year stretches before you promising many new journeys. Think of all the walks you will take, and remember your God in whose presence you walk.

Two Nations? The Faith Factor in the U.S. Elections
Is there truth to the assertion that bringing religion into politics drastically alters the tenor of politics? The ways that faith contributed to the 2004 U.S. elections demands study.

The Kinsey Hollywood Ignores
The real story about Kinsey isn't what he did, it's how he did it. That's an important distinction, even if it was ignored by Hollywood.

Put First Things First
Do we encourage people to know God in the midst of their deepest sins and shortcomings? Are we a safe place for people to be honest about what is going on in their lives?

Our Churches Need a Sense of Purpose
Churches are much like people: They need purpose. The United Church's move to unionization reflects a professional quandary concerning purpose.

Of God and Caesar
Christians who apply Scriptural solutions to community issues can be denounced these days. When Jesus encountered that problem, He solved it with a penny.

Happy Birthday Isaac
All was not well! But miracle after miracle demonstrated that God had His hand on little Isaac.

Does the Christian Have a Responsibility to the Poor?
The worldwide disparity between the rich and poor is enormous. Hunger devastates lives abroad and as close to us as the inner city. How do we respond?

Day of Rejoicing
Free! No more of those daily irritations that accompany raising kids! His son was off to Bible college and he was free—until …

Building Bridges
What kind of an impression do Christians leave with someone from another religion? A revealing interview gives insight into what it looks like from the other side.

Christian Agencies Bring Relief to Tsunami Victims
The disaster poses an unprecedented challenge to relief agencies that have never before had to spread emergency relief across 11 countries simultaneously.

Offer Them Debt Relief - No Longer Available
Western nations owe so much to the countries now suffering from the tsunami disaster. Let's act in grace and help them this time.

Tabloids, unlike "broadsheet journalism" that embraces "intellectual credibility," capture the reader through passion, discovery, sin and redemption, and other issues of life.

Tragedy Brings Out Our Very Best
We're seeing an unprecedented global response to tragedy on a catastrophic scale. What happened? Has the global community experienced a conversion to peace and goodwill?

Life Is Sacred for Joni
If it were ethically possible, biotechnology could release Joni and others from decades of imprisonment in a wheelchair.





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