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Screwtape Sounds Off on Same-Sex Marriage

What might C.S. Lewis' Uncle Screwtape, say to his deviously devilish disciple about recent developments on same-sex "marriage"? See his very clever letter in the article below, Screwtape Sounds Off on Same-Sex Marriage.

For resources and material on the redefinition of marriage, please see the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's (EFC's) powerpoint presentation on defending marriage. Also, read the EFC's newsletter, Canada Watch. You will find out how you can contact your MP to express your support for the traditional definition of marriage (a union between one man and one woman).

For new articles on this topic, in the "Articles" section below click on the following headlines:

Helping others is an art. To be most effective, we need to know the steps involved (see Being An Advocate). But sometimes inadvertently we can take on more than we can handle, as did a group of Canadian teens on a mission trip in Thailand. When disaster struck, they were among the first to help with a task few could do—recovering victims' bodies (see Canadian Teens Help with Recovery Efforts in Thailand).

For these, and other good articles, like Barbara Kay's Academic Freedom is Under Attack, and Susan Martinuk's comment on the media's need to refer to Scott Peterson's unborn baby as a "child" rather than a "fetus" (see When a Fetus Becomes a Child), click on the headlines below.

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Other Articles This Week

Contemplation vs. Action: Art and a Social Conscience
Art is capable of soaring beyond contemplative piety to transform the world through creativity that addresses important humanitarian and social issues in a world gone awry.

Studies of Drug Effectiveness to Be Open Book Exams Now
Two topics this week: Drug companies need to be forthright about all their testing results, and the editor of National Geographic is sowing confusion in an attempt to dispel it.

Academic Freedom Is Under Attack 
Canadian university students in the arts and social sciences are being recruited to the hyper-orthodoxies of multiculturalism, feminism, Marxism, postmodernism and bio-politics.

Being an Advocate
Helping others is an art that involves awareness of certain stages and approaches. Here is how you can be a successful helper (advocate) to others.

My Three Sons
How do you teach them compassion and love? Will empathy ever be an automatic response? A humorous twist reveals their hearts.

Canadian Teens Help with Recovery Efforts in Thailand
Students on a mission trip were among the first to assist with recovery of bodies in one of the hardest hit disaster areas.

National Church Campaign Aims to Remind Christians They "Follow Christ"
Following Christ means getting out of the pews and into the community says campaign co-ordinator, David Macfarlane.

E-Debate Rages On
Forget marriage, it's time for civil unions instead of government-sanctioned wedlock.

Groups Speak Out
Ten Canadian Lebanese community groups speak out against any change in the traditional definition of marriage.

Screwtape Sounds Off on Same-sex Marriage
Letters from a senior demon to an underling.

Why I Am a Christian
If we take an honest look at Jesus, we will discover that He offers the purpose, identity and freedom we've been looking for.

When a Fetus Becomes a Child
In the Peterson case the media suddenly found it a disadvantage to use the usual euphemisms and dispassionate phrases that deny or disguise the humanity of an unborn child.

Same-sex Marriage: Four Myths - No Longer Available
This month is decisive in influencing our government. MPs are in their home ridings until February. Here's information for those who wish to speak up and make a difference.

Suddenly, George Bush Is Looking Better - No Longer Available
Recently George Bush made two statements that landed him in trouble, but both reflect wisdom.

Where Is God When Disaster Strikes?
How can an Almighty God allow such things to happen? That's the question we inevitably ask ourselves when tragedy strikes.

Jesuits Lose Battle with Wal-Mart
The presence of the superstore and encroaching commercialism threatens the loss of solitude for a Jesuit retreat centre.

Alberta MP Says, "Tell MPs You Won't Vote For Them if They Support Same-Sex Marriage"
To block the legislation that redefines marriage, Canadians need to change the minds of 20 MPs who would currently vote in favour of same-sex legislation.





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