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Eating Habits - A Challenge to the Church

Elections are on the horizon both in Canada and in the United States. The airwaves will be filled with what Mike Hogeterp calls “the fireworks of political division.” But beyond election madness, What do people really want? he asks. “As a person passionate about justice, I’m interested in getting beyond this fracas to meaningful service … and … a passionate, Christ-inspired hope for the world.”

Also in the news, an important development. Charles Lewis, writing for the National Post, reports that the Ontario Medical Association is concerned about the intrusion into MDs’ beliefs. The OMA wants a change to the document that could strip doctors of their right to exercise freedom of religion when making decisions in their medical practices.

Our eating habits have unfortunately been newsworthy lately too. Obesity is a huge problem throughout North America, and also in the Church! But in church it’s a taboo topic. “Where did we get the idea that we can wilfully jeopardize our physical health without affecting our spiritual health?” asks Caron Somers in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada’s magazine, testimony. She shares her story of weight loss and encourages the Church to “shape up”!

Psst – in an aside, here’s something we don’t want to tell Caron Somers. For those of us who enjoy our food more than we ought to, there’s good news: We’re not responsible if it expands our waistlines. We are victims of the “obesity gene”! Check out U.K. writer Peter Glover’s tongue-in-cheek rebuke to our society and to the Church for not calling sin, “Sin”!

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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