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A "New Year" and New Season

The Olympics are over. It may be a blessing for Chinese Christians. It’s been a brutal Olympics for them writes Lorna Dueck. Persecution against house church leaders in Beijing during the Games was severe, and “That excludes the names on nearly a dozen pages of documented Chinese church arrests and assaults publicized by [The Evangelical Fellowship of] Canada’s Religious Liberty Commission just before the Olympics,” she adds.

Is it surprising for China to promise religious liberty and not deliver? Possibly not. Their need for perfection exceeded their need for authenticity during the Games, says Dr. Margaret Somerville.

Along with the end of the Olympics, summer is over and a “new year” begins. It’s back to school again. Take a moment to read Dr. John D. Redekop’s reflections on school as it was when he was younger. His insights give us pause to compare how our children’s school experience differs these days.

We also hear from a dad this week, Larry Matthews. Each of us who is a parent with grown children understands the deep joy our children’s companionship brings. We have an insatiable thirst for that companionship. Matthews looks at his life and recalls how, when his son was young, he followed him wherever he went. Now when his son is grown, he follows his son.

Welcome back for another season. We’re looking forward to sharing more great selections from Canadian Christian writers with you. This week, please enjoy the articles above, and scroll down for more.


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Online Editor
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Albertans Are Right to Reject Darwinian Evolution
“The Theory of Evolution needs a paramedic, not more cheerleaders,” says science writer Denyse O’Leary in response to an Alberta radio commentator’s remarks.

Correctly Squelched
Political correctness shuts down non-politically correct people’s freedom of speech. Anyone who challenges a politically correct stance is labelled intolerant, a bigot or hatemonger.

Portrait of the Artist as a Community Member
In an exhibit earlier this year, Hutterite artists portrayed what life is like on their colonies.

A Marriage Made in Heaven
Claudette was about to leave her husband when she inadvertently tuned in to 100 Huntley Street. The next few minutes revolutionized her life and her marriage.

The Nature of Nature
The concept of nature is multi-dimensional. From a Christian perspective we can ask, What is our theology of nature?

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Rick Warren and the Canadians
If U.S. political candidates can be interviewed about their faith and asked what they believe, why not Canadian leaders?

Momentum Building for Dalit Liberation
“In recent years there have been extraordinary reports from various Christian sources, regarding conversions of large numbers of Dalits” (David Dawes).





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