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More Immorality in Kids' Shows than on Prime Time TV

A story in the Toronto Star left Sheila Wray Gregoire wondering, What are our children learning out there? (See her article below, How to Really Help Kids.) Young people don't seem to understand the most serious things affecting them. She suggests three bills the government could consider to help high school students launch their lives.

Most disconcerting, however, is the education our children receive from watching television. MTV and other shows especially target children and young people with immorality, and what they watch affects their worldview and outlook. Our youngsters are losing their innocence, says Marsha West, author of From Sesame Street to MTV to Immorality (see below). She urges parents to get involved, but that's not always easy. A study of pre-teens in B.C.'s Lower Mainland indicates young people are generally so consumed with digital multi-tasking that they have little time left to interact with adults (see below, Adults Left Out of Kids' Digital World).

Sold out to God! That's our prayer for our kids and grandkids. Here's an amazing story of a young man who was so sold out to God that his father's killer eventually became his best friend (see below, Better Not Bitter). Read also about the commitment to God of a pastor, and one of our contributors, Harry Lehotsky, in the face of a dreaded diagnosis (see below, God Has Given Me More Than I Deserved). Pray for him when you can.

Most important! Join hundreds of thousands from 156 nations around the world on June 4 for the Global Day of Prayer. Read the article below and see it on video (The Day the World Prays).

Please take a moment to check out other good stories below. Have a great week!


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Online Editor
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