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If you Want to be Understood, Be Articulate

If you want to be understood, be Ar • tic' • u • late. Present your message clearly and distinctly!

A missional church is articulate. It tells the story of redemption clearly and effectively within its cultural framework in a language that people within the culture understand. The key is to find connecting points. Churches have found one such connecting point in the creative arts (see the article below, Communicating Timeless Truths Using Creative Arts). Another one is in media. For example, church websites with digital content can increasingly be a communications tool with which churches can reach out to the un-churched (see below, Technical Tidal Wave). Below are the stories of three churches that have come up with new and innovative ways to communicate (see Innovative Communicators).

On a personal level, when we communicate our faith, often our challenge has been to respond to the question, "Is Jesus Who He said He was?" However, in the days to come, the questions we will face will likely be different, says Bruxy Cavey. With historically unreliable books about Jesus, like The Da Vinci Code (more on it next week), claiming to be fact and flooding the market, we will be required to defend Jesus' very existence. Cavey addresses and exposes the roots of apparent "facts" that deceive because they seem to be true if they remain unchallenged (see below, Encountering the Convictions of Tom Harpur). In another article on a related topic, From Tantra Yoga to Jesus Christ: A Spiritual Journey (see below), the author addresses the premise of the Gnostic gospels which have generated attention lately.

We would like to draw your attention also to two additional articles. Ex-Fatah Fighter for Yasser Arafat Asks Forgiveness (see below) is an amazing redemption story of one who hated and killed both Christians and Jews. And for parents who acknowledge the battle we face in raising godly children, see Loving God and People Above All Else.

Please don't miss the other excellent selections below. Also, for more information on issues currently in the news, see the EFC Update in the News channel.


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Online Editor
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If we have no laws regulating abortion in Canada, is it still seen as a moral issue?

Ex-Fatah Fighter for Yasser Arafat Asks Forgiveness
When Tass wasn't fighting the Jews, he was looking for Christians to kill. But all that changed in a moment when in answer to prayer, Jesus transformed his life.

Innovative Communicators
How does a church communicate in a culturally relevant manner? Here are some churches that go the extra mile to help their listeners connect with the message.

Technical Tidal Wave
Church websites with digital content can increasingly be communications tools that reach out to the un-churched.

Communicating Timeless Truths Using Creative Arts
We need to learn to communicate to our culture in a language they understand—media and the creative arts. The key is finding connection points with our culture.

From Tantra Yoga to Jesus Christ: A Spiritual Journey
Increasingly, people are looking to Gnosticism and various Eastern religions to try to ascribe a similar mysticism of inward spiritual discovery to Christianity.

Home Schooling: Hard Work, Big Rewards
Parents choose to home school their children for various reasons. Most important—they like the results.

Dorothy L. Sayers: Woman for All Ages
Remembered for being one of the greatest writers of detective novels, she was also a timeless Christian author.

Encountering the Convictions of Tom Harpur
"I can't prove that Jesus never existed. … But there are always surprises," says Tom Harpur. Bruxy Cavey's response: "I love surprises." This audio message addresses Harpur's views.

What Is Happening to Marriage?
This time-honoured institution, rich with history, tradition, and commitment, has been so altered that it has become only a shadow of itself. The changes affect us all.

Ignoring an Ongoing Horror
Sudden disasters often compel us to action, but we tend to overlook heartbreaking, ongoing tragedies that are even more desperate, like AIDS in Africa.

Loving God and People Above All Else
In our culture it is more important than ever for parents to take an active role in developing the character traits that enable our children to love their neighbours as they love themselves.

Poverty Is the Issue
Christian leaders at an anti-poverty conference were exhorted to become a strong and powerful voice for the poor and to speak out when they see injustice.

Shelters Get Infection Control Advice
As a result of a TB outbreak, workers at a Toronto shelter have received a manual and training in controlling infectious diseases among their homeless clients.

Harper's "Littlest of Prayers" Draws Fire
What many would consider the most innocent of all utterances has prompted a poll and editorial commentaries and drawn international attention to Canada's leader.

Ex-CPT Hostage Speaks of Ordeal in Captivity
James Loney, the former Christian Peacemaker Teams hostage in Iraq, has spoken out on his captivity and his struggles with a commitment to non-violence.





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