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Child Poverty at Home

The Age of Protection Act, proposed legislation that could have offered children from 14 to 16 years of age protection from sexual exploitation, has suffered a setback. In spite of the efforts of groups such as The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), the Bill has not been reinstated for quick passage through Parliament. Instead it has been made part of a larger package of proposed legislation, which will be more difficult to pass, says the EFC’s director of public policy, Douglas Cryer.

What is the one thing in our society that if changed, might help improve Canada? Rev. Raymond De Souza’s answer may surprise you, but it is timely, considering 1.2 million children in Canada live in poverty. He believes our marriage laws are at the root of this and possibly other social problems, and that stabilizing them could be the best way to reduce the number of women and children who live in poverty.

With so much need around us, Victoria, B.C. writer Phil Gale encourages the Church to step forward and become the source of help. If we strive to emulate Christ in His service to humanity, says Gale, it could help restore the Church’s credibility in our communities.

Grant Mullen, M.D., invites each of us as individuals to seek transformation within ourselves first. In the first of a series on renewing the mind and transforming the heart, Mullen speaks from experience, and says, God’s “remodeling” transformed “our marriage, our relationships and our walk with God.” He believes this is God’s desire for every believer.

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