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God Works Through Ordinary People

How do you decide what your vocation should be? When you’re in college, take your time, suggests Derek Melleby, and trust God. But what you study in school might not necessarily be the area of your calling. Wiley Petersen, commenting on his unusual career of bull riding, expresses his faith saying, “I know God has a plan that may not fit what I think should happen, but it will always be the best thing.” 

Ed Stelmach of Alberta can add to that: "When you pray to God you feel good and confident; you feel you can take on any task."  In his task as Alberta’s Premier, Stelmach is known to be a hard working, honest, all-round nice guy, but he is also a man of strong faith. In an interview at the Legislature, Stelmach speaks proudly of his faith and the effect it has on his politics.

We may be called to a particular vocation or cause, but our commitment is primarily to Christ and God’s plan, says Dr. Charles Price. Every day we can anticipate God to express Himself through us to accomplish some aspect of His work. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that God’s plans aren’t for ordinary people. God works through ordinary people, he says – anyone who is willing to let Him.
An inspiring example of what God can do through ordinary people appears in the current Faith Today magazine. Picture this: On a familiar street you see what appears to be a new walk-in clinic. A sign reads “Healing prayer available. All are welcome.” You wonder about the brand of spirituality represented by this store-front, but you quickly discover it is a Christian prayer centre. Christian centres known as Healing Rooms are a reality in many cities across Canada. This week we feature the story of the Healing Rooms – how they came to be and who is involved with them.
Can God carry out His plans through you? Yes. If you’re willing, He’s already doing just that.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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