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Freedom to be a Woman

In today’s society, What does it mean to be a woman? asks Margaret Somerville.  Dr. Somerville presents her musings as an ethicist and poses thought-provoking questions: “Are our present approaches to being a woman creative or destructive, or might that depend on the circumstances?” She also points out failures and says, in our effort to identify what it means to be a woman we have been inadvertently blinded to the resulting risks and harms our definition has brought to men, children and young people.

And what about women who profess Christ? Dr. Somerville’s question, “How can we retain the best of both worlds, traditional and contemporary?” seems appropriate. We seek to fulfill God’s call on our lives as we live and relate in a contemporary world. A Women Alive conference to be held both in Toronto and Edmonton this fall is designed to be a dynamic weekend experience of encouragement and inspiration for women who are spiritually hungry and desire to grow. 

Suzie Chiodo’s article titled Bundles of Love features three Canadian ministries that are fulfilling God’s call to help the poor, or victims of natural disaster, through mission work. All three assemble kits to meet various needs. Wendy Hagar of Sew on Fire says, “People’s faces light up when they get a gift….They see a blanket that took hours to make, and they know someone cares.”

We are blessed to live in Canada, and we have much to thank God for.  On this Thanksgiving weekend, we also thank Phil Callaway for helping us maintain a perspective on thankfulness.  “What on earth do I have to complain about?”  he asks, and offers this advice: “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

We invite you to check out the above selections as well as the additional ones below.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Online Editor
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