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Being an Atheist is Pretty Easy

According to Barbara Kay, being an atheist is pretty easy in Western society. In response to a National Post article titled, "Goodness without Godliness," she points out that atheism thrives in our culture built on the achievements of people of faith. Atheists committed to morality and social justice, she says, "are simply people who chose not to grow the equity, but to live off the returns of the beliefs of their forebears."

The books of many of these atheists are currently on the best seller lists. Lorna Dueck finds it important to maintain an awareness of what they are saying. But it grieves her. "I've been insulted in reading these authors, who fanatically argue that I am free to believe in whatever I want as long it's not God," she says. She concludes: wouldn't it be just like God to generate public discussion about His existence just to keep people thinking about Him?

Even as Christians we have to make an effort to maintain our spirituality in our culture. In an article on spirituality for women, the author says it isn't the same as it was for our moms. Today's Christian woman must work a little harder to nurture her spiritual life. She has to find the time and friendships required to ground her in faith. The author offers four principles for approaching spirituality intentionally.

Here's an illustration of how one woman intentionally confronts the disappointments and failures in life. When they strike, she says, she celebrates them! She offers an example of how celebrating her friend's loss of a job lifted her spirits from tears to hope for the future.

And while we celebrate, let's celebrate Canadian author Rudy Wiebe, professor emeritus of Canadian Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Alberta since 1992. He has twice won the Governor General's Literary Award for fiction. Honoured again, he is the 2007 winner of the prestigious Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction for his autobiographical work, Of This Earth—A Mennonite Boyhood in the Boreal Forest. He also received the Leslie Tarr Award for outstanding career achievement at The Word Guild Writing Awards Gala on June 13. Why not make this one of your summer reading books?

Special note: Please check out the review of Mario Beauregard and Denyse O'Leary's book, The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul. It received a great review in Publisher's Weekly.

Also, please see other good selections below, and enjoy your reading.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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