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Tips for Dads on Balancing Work and Family

We're heading into summer. What will your kids be doing? Apparently, gone are the days when moms say to their kids, "Go out and play." Free time for kids is structured now, and even vacation time is geared to learning. Camps with various activities that delve into the arts, sciences and sports, occupy much of a child's summer vacation. Trinity Western University's summer Arts Camp program, for example, offers children an opportunity to learn some great things they wouldn't normally learn during the school year.

But how far can we go with structuring a child's life? A sociologist says family vacations are no longer just for having fun. According to an article by Focus on the Family, parents now see vacations as opportunities for children to "learn lessons important for their success in life."

We're also heading toward Father's Day! In her article, Flexible Fatherhood, family life writer Kim Perrone offers tips for dads on balancing work and family. "These days more dads are realizing that participating in their kids' daily lives promotes healthy development," says Perrone. "Plus, they're wondering, 'How do I avoid missing my kids' special moments as my father did?'"

Brian Doerksen remembers well the very special moment of his first son's birth. But his joy soon plummeted when he and his wife learned that their son suffered from a genetic condition that causes a wide-range of mental impairment. Doris Fleck tells the story of Doerksen's journey through deep darkness back into God's light and into a ministry of helping others who are hurting.

God is our "Father of lights ..." according to James. But author Peter Kreeft, inspired by C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, has recently compiled an additional 15 spicy letters from Satan's agents that allow the reader to spy into the inter-office communications of the father of darkness. Also, this week Dr. Pierre Gilbert takes a look at the reality of hell. Given the opportunity, he says, many people would probably choose to go to a better place after death.

Please enjoy these and the additional articles below. wishes dads and grand dads a Happy Father's Day!


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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