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Public Funding for Faith-Based Schools

Public funding for Ontario's faith-based schools has not only been featured in the news recently, but it has also been a topic of interest among readers. Don Hutchinson's weblog, What About Equal Funding for Faith-Based Education? posted earlier this month, elicited enough questions and responses to warrant a follow-up. "The funding of faith-based schools is a reasonable accommodation for the religious community which has lost its opportunity for expression in the existing 'public' school system," says Hutchinson. He also points out that certain details will have to be resolved before these schools can decide whether or not to opt in to the public system.

There is a sense among Christians that we may have also lost an "opportunity for expression" in the media, but Joseph Farah, founder, editor and CEO of the news site World Net Daily, has some encouraging news. He writes in his new book Stop the Presses that the original mission of the free press—to keep the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government in check—is being reclaimed. Speaking to a Canadian audience earlier this summer, he also said the only way the U.S. and Canada "can be returned to greatness" is by taking back cultural institutions, such as the media, that shape the way people think.

Stan Fowler, Professor of Theology at Heritage Theological Seminary, Cambridge, Ontario, directs our attention to yet another matter of interest—gender issues in the family and the church. He says in his weblog that discussion concerning male-female order features prominently among Evangelicals, but Evangelicals have not answered the basic question of who does what task inside and outside the family home.

And also this week, a tribute to summer. Summer is drawing to a close, and our experiences with family and friends have become memories. It seems family camping trips can be most memorable, especially if they go amiss. With a camping trip that went awry, and with fresh memories of a mission trip to an African orphanage, Sheila Wray Gregoire says her summer was one she will not forget.

Memories of summer can especially become treasures for grandparents who have enjoyed vacations and precious times with their grandkids. Yet for many grandparents, along with these memories come some very real concerns. How can grandparents maintain relationships with the grandkids they love when many miles separate them? Kim Perrone has some good suggestions for shortening the distance between grandparents and their grandkids who live far away.

Enjoy your reading! See you in September!

Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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