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"The Church is Not Israel"

Our deepest desire as Christians is that those around us—our family, friends and neighbours—come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and that His salvation then goes forth to the ends of the earth and embraces every nation. But how do we speak of Jesus to the people who have been close to God's heart since the day He cut a covenant with Abraham? This week the Chosen People Ministries share pointers on how to tell your Jewish friends what Jesus means to you, and offer insight into how your message may be perceived.

Since Israel became a nation in 1948, a discussion regarding its biblical legitimacy to exist has arisen within the Church. Does Bible prophecy indicate that the physical land of ancient Israel is to be restored to modern-day Jewish people as the country of Israel, as "Zionists" believe, or do biblical references to a future "Israel" refer to the Church of our day, as proponents of "replacement theology" maintain? At the present a "deep chasm" has developed on this point among Evangelicals in the United States, says Dr. Jim Hutchens, the Washington-area director for Christians United for Israel.

However, most recently, a Canadian, Mal Couch, the founder and former president of the Tyndale Theological Seminary, writes in his new book, The Gathering Storm, the Church is not Israel. "National Israel does have a future and has not been replaced or set aside by the Church." What should we believe?

Additional informative articles for your reading pleasure this week:

Dr. John Redekop of Trinity Western University has again evaluated the performance of Stephen Harper's government in Ottawa, and offers a "report card" on the past six months, while Ottawa journalist Lloyd Mackay looks at another unique development. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed David C. Onley—an evangelical Christian—as Ontario's new lieutenant-governor.

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Online Editor
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