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Miracles Make a Difference

Evidence these days is overwhelming that many people who are not yet believers in Christ are drawn to the supernatural. The occult is flourishing in bookstores, psychic fairs and movies. Even though the latest Harry Potter movie based on the book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix demonstrated some signs of "fatigue," Potter's creator, J.K. Rowling is likely the world's wealthiest author.

Dr. Steve Elliott of Bethany Bible College, NB, has been concerned that 8.7 million fewer Canadians are identifying themselves as "Christian" in the past ten years while other religions have flourished. Wicca, for example, has grown 281 percent. In a condensed version of his doctoral dissertation for Asbury Theological Seminary he arrives at a stunning conclusion. More people would come to know and love Jesus, he says, if preaching of the Word would be accompanied by miracles.

Do you believe God still performs the miracles today that He did in Jesus' ministry? Here is an inspiring story to boost your faith and your wonder at God's goodness. Mei's Miracle is a missionary's story of what happened during an Impact Nations outreach in Thailand.

Looking at other topics, here are a few more stories that might interest, challenge and inspire you this week.

Are You a Happy Canadian? In an episode from GodTalk radio Rick Hiemstra of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada discusses a Maclean's poll on the happiest Canadians. Tune in to this audio message. It might surprise you!

Also, don't miss Barbara Kay's insights into the psychology of clothing. She points out that clothing is symbolic in everything we do and especially communicates our attitude in church.

Finally—things have changed a lot in our society since the middle of the last century and there's a lesson in it, says Bert Warden. The older generations do our children and grandchildren a great service by recounting to them how things used to be.

We invite you to enjoy these articles. For more reading, please scroll down to view our other special selections.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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Other New Articles This Week

What About Equal Funding for Faith-Based Education?
In recent weeks newspapers have been filled with articles and letters concerning public funding of faith-based schools. It could become Ontario's great election debate.

CMU Professor Gets Grant to Study 1918 Flu Pandemic
Biologist wants to "produce something that might help the faith community in Canada today as it faces the challenge of preparing for another potential pandemic."

In the Spotlight with Jeremy Camp
Anchored in God's Word even in the most severe trial, Jeremy Camp continued to praise God.

Motorcycles and Midlife
Midlife can bring about startling changes in a man. It has to be handled carefully.

Muslim Preacher Raised Issue of Religion and Violence
Vision TV has broadcast a repeated apology in wake of a controversy that raised questions about the freedom of religion and the connection between religion and violence.

Ultrasounds Used for Sex-Selected Abortion in Ethnic Canadian Communities
There is concern over ads published by two Punjabi-language newspapers for clinics that encourage couples to discover the sex of their unborn baby.

Christian Assessment of Harper Balanced, Sympathetic
Supporters and critics would "benefit greatly" from reading Lloyd Mackey's book—a balanced and sympathetic introduction to Stephen Harper, says Dr. John Redekop.

British Columbia to Seek Supreme Court Opinion on Whether Polygamy is Constitutional
Before attempting to bring charges against the sect at Bountiful, B.C., that practices polygamy, the B.C. Attorney General is investigating what might happen in a future court decision.





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