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Is There More to Life Than This?

A LifeSite News headline reads, "Japanese Team May Have Found Stem Cell 'Holy Grail'." Apparently researchers have developed a method of creating stem cells exactly matched to the patient without killing an embryonic human being. "Many scientists argue that stem cells extracted from human embryos are the Holy Grail in the quest to create treatments for illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's diseases," writes Mirko Petricevic, in the Kitchener Record.

However, the ethics involved are "the crux of a high-stakes debate." Petricevic observes that at the heart of this debate is the question of when human life begins. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada had an opportunity to participate in interviews he conducted with five faith traditions to examine the diversity of their teachings on this topic.

Also this week, more in the news on Islam.

We hear in the media that Islam is a religion of peace and that "militants," not "moderate Muslims," threaten the world with jihad. But what exactly are "moderate Muslims?" Tristan Emmanuel posed this question to a panel of Muslims at the Christians United for Israel Summit in Washington, D.C. this past week. Their immediate response "left me exasperated," he said.

But Brother Andrew, the legendary missionary who smuggled Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, is quoted in the Christian Post as saying, "I think we have to distinguish between the jihad of extremists and fundamentalists—which are only a small part of the Muslims—and the good jihad against sin and self that all of them and us have to fight." He is calling on Christians worldwide to join the "good jihad" for the souls of Muslims.

This fall in Canada, Alpha has undertaken the "good jihad" of winning souls for Christ with an extensive billboard campaign that poses the question, "Is there more to life than this?" Churches across the country are participating. James Mallon, a priest with the Archdiocese of Halifax, has been "doing Alpha" since 2000. He maintains that Alpha is thoroughly acceptable to Catholics, but has developed a course called Catholicism 201 as a follow-up to the Alpha course in a Catholic context.

This week, we invite you to put up your feet, relax and enjoy these articles, as well as the additional ones below.


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