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The Greatest Gift

We cannot serve God and money! And yet money plays a big role in our daily activities. What's the balance?

Ninety percent of all marriages break down because of money problems, says financial advisor Mike Strathdee. Why then, he asks, is discussion of financial issues in pre-marital counseling so often neglected?

Money is also important for the survival of our churches and Christian organizations. But does the end justify the means when it comes to fundraising tactics, asks Lori Gunter Reesor, a pastor with a background in fundraising and marketing analysis. She expresses a concern that fundraising among Christian organizations has a very public face through which non-Christians get an impression of what we believe and value. What do we communicate?

Unfortunately, we don't always leave the best impression with people. "I once sat next to a psychologist on a plane," says Phil Callaway in an interview with Bill Hybels, pastor of the Willow Creek's seeker sensitive church. "He found out I was a Christian and said, 'Man, I've had bad experiences with Christians.' I said, 'Really? Me too.' We laughed and ended up talking for a four-hour flight." The greatest gift we can offer someone in church, is to lead them to Christ, says Bill Hybels, In the interview he speaks of his passion to see people come to the Lord.

Hybel's church has experienced tremendous growth, and he shares his experience with audiences internationally, but now even small churches can experience growth in ways not foreseen prior to the advent of podcasts. A Calgary church is reaching 5,000 in one month alone via podcasts of their sermons. Their pastor says podcasting is changing the idea of what Christian community is.

Heather Newbury offers an additional perspective. We are often concerned about the growth of the church population or its bank account, but we also need to be concerned about spiritual growth, she says. Churches are about transformation.

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Online Editor
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