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Eight-point Prayer Check-up

When was the last time you had a prayer check-up?

Considering prayer brings the power of God to bear on your circumstances, a prayer check-up could be as important as a doctor's check-up. The author of Reflecting Christ in Prayer offers eight points that can help us align our prayer life with that of Jesus, our mentor and model.

It's important for us to maintain a closeness to God and continual awareness of our relationship with Him. Things happen in life, and we need to be sure He hears us at any given moment. Tina Dominaux can testify to that. When she thought her life was just coming together, she suddenly faced her most arduous test of faith—a life and death struggle in prayer for her son's life. Today she is giving God glory for His intervention.

Even in a situation like Phil Callaway experienced on a golf green, prayer is important. Fore is Short for Forgiveness, he quips, but the situation could have been much more serious. Forgiveness is a gift like no other, he says. Both he and his son were grateful to receive it.

Finally, faith always culminates in outreach. It is amazing what a small group of believers can accomplish if they have faith that God is working through them. Cornerstone, a small church in Nottawa believes it can be missional and make an impact on its community. When Cornerstone church organized the local Canada Day celebration in Nottawa, it was a big event.

Please check out the other articles and news stories below, and have a great Canada Day weekend.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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