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What Do You Do At the Crack of Dawn

How does a church reach out effectively to its community with the message of Christ? In his article "Outside the Box," pastor Phil Wagler describes his church's significantly failed attempt at outreach, and offers, "The Church in this post-Christian era must grapple with whether our 'outreach' is more for us than for those without Christ." The problem may be that we want them to be with us on our terms, not theirs, he suggests.

Once postmoderns make a church their home, how does a church retain them? A new study by LifeWay Research may offer some insights, but offering believers deeper intimacy with God through biblical forms of worship could also help. The author of "Recovering Silence" points out that silence is a biblical form of worship, and warns that many churches today ignore it at their own peril.

Deeper intimacy with God is also our own personal responsibility. What do you do at the crack of dawn? Phil Callaway shares his journey from the morning paper to praise "for a new day, for the strength to open my eyelids, for a dog that has probably pounced on me by now, licking my face and sneezing in my beard."

A great story on another topic this week offers some facts to ponder. Has it ever crossed your mind that evolutionists readily offer charts on animal "evolution," but never a chart on "evolution" of plants? That's because plants pose a problem that evolutionists can't readily address. Biologist Richard Yen describes their quandary in his article "Revenge of the Plants."

Among news stories this week, read how Christ's message of love and forgiveness has been in the news. The media have been trying to understand what prompted the Amish to forgive the family of the man who murdered their children. CBC Sunday even ran a feature titled "Forgiving the Unforgivable."

Please be inspired by these articles, and check for other important news stories and articles below.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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