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God's Kingdom is Upside Down

Since the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's magazine, Faith Today, opened discussion on the topic: "Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?" many opinions have come forth. Dr. Victor Shepherd suggests we might perhaps answer that question by asking another one: Can we worship God without knowing God? The answer he proposes is found in the New Testament in the apostle Paul's writings.

Alan Shore also takes a look at Paul's writings this week. They reveal Paul to be more than a man with "a brilliant mind and unquenchable faith," he says. They demonstrate him as a humble human being who understood our frailties and could explain to us a way of salvation. Shore points out that Paul leaves nothing out in presenting "a sweeping vision" of salvation where salvation for the Gentiles, repentance of the Jews, the return of Jesus, the fullness of the kingdom, and the restoration of Creation are all bound together in a relational whole.

Also this week, a look at the irony of tolerance. Specifically, the media appear to be selective concerning their benefactors of tolerance. Harry Antonides examines serious, systemic flaws in the way the major networks report news, especially concerning the Middle East and Israel. In addition, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's senior policy advisor Douglas Cryer looks at tolerance toward all minority groups, except Christians who helped foster tolerance in Canada by embracing a pluralistic society.

Tolerance from a different perspective is a topic close to Marsi Sommerhalder's heart. The childhood victim of school bullying, Sommerhalder wants to use her degree in conflict resolution from Menno Simons College to help other children avoid what she went through. "Wherever I end up, I want to do what I can to prevent bullying," she says.

On a lighter note, some good news from the Sunshine Coast! "Noah's Ark" has arrived at Pender Harbour, B.C. An Anglican congregation that was evicted from their building for supporting the traditional definition of marriage has now received a new building, via the sea!

Finally, don't miss this one! We know too well that everything isn't always the way it seems. Nothing says it better than Barrette Plett's little camp song "God's Kingdom Is Upside Down!" It's written for kids, but it's great fun for adults too, and a wonderful reminder that we should walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh!

Please enjoy these and the other good articles below.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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