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Business, but Not "As Usual"

What does it mean in God’s kingdom to be a manager of a business? 

Businessman Lorne Jackson tried to apply kingdom principles, but he had to grow in both understanding and application. He identified two areas: handling finances, and handling employees. Instead of firing people with problems, he says, “…we [took] action that resulted in some very changed lives and circumstances.”

How critical is employees’ emotional health to a workplace? Understanding the spiritual connection between marriage and work, for example, helps an employee maximize their effectiveness in the marketplace, says Gerry Organ, the director of national initiatives for OneWayMinistries. 

“Companies are not reaching their full potential when staff is unhappy, in conflict or being poorly managed. There are enormous financial rewards for any corporation that makes even a small improvement in this area,” says mental health physician Grant Mullen. He offers strategies for achieving an emotionally healthy workplace and increased productivity.  

These articles appeared in Business.Life and Christian Advisor magazines. We hope you enjoy them, but this week we have two additional stories with an emphasis on business – business with a twist! Here’s how business and missions merged for a Toronto high school student.

Jillian wanted to raise awareness and funds for Invisible Children, an organization that aids war-afflicted children in Uganda. With business coaching through LAUNCH, a Youth for Christ ministry, her dream came to pass.

In another unique venture, Trinity Western University recently engaged their students in an initiative that combined their knowledge with a hands-on business application. Students from disciplines as diverse as music, business and computer science came together to develop a marketable video game

Please enjoy these selections, and scroll down for more. Have a good week!


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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