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The Role of Women in Church Leadership

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) congratulates Christian Week newspaper for 20 years of excellent journalism and service to the Christian community in Canada.

We're very aware of Jesus' instructions to His disciples to refrain from violence and turn the other cheek. But how do these instructions apply to governments and nations? "Is there ever a time when it is okay for Christians to 'take up arms' and defend others—even if it means killing to do so?" asks Gordon Heath. It's a tough question, especially today when we're faced with many reasons to grapple with our attitude to warfare. Should we be pacifists and peacemakers, or should we support just war? What is Christian response?

With the goal of exploring a Christian response to the war in Afghanistan, Douglas Cryer, director of public policy for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, recently attended a presentation by Lieutenant General Andy Leslie, Chief of the Land Staff for the Canadian Army. In his weblog he shares his insights and his conclusion that there is a way for Christians to come into agreement on this difficult issue.

But the question of being a peacemaker can also challenge our personal walk of faith, especially in times of crisis. We must ask, are there times in our personal lives when turning the other cheek isn't the right response? A woman of Mennonite background shares her story of the extreme abuse she encountered in her marriage relationship. She reveals her struggle of trying to reconcile her pacifist background—all that she had been taught about following in Jesus' steps—with the trauma of her situation.

We invite you to read these articles and ponder these questions. In Gordon Heath's words, "Canadian Evangelicals need to learn from the past and study the Scriptures for a way forward in these unsettling times."

This week we also want to draw your attention to a very unique article. The leadership of the Worldwide Church of God (WCG), the denomination that was delivered from errors of Armstrongism to become a vibrant Christian Evangelical church, spent three years researching the biblical basis for ordaining women as pastors and elders. The result is a series of ten position papers and a conclusion that WCG leaders have implemented for their churches. We invite your comments.

And finally, here's something you might have noticed. When you add it up, says the co-author of a study by the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute, we spend more on taxes than on feeding, clothing and housing ourselves. A whopping 45 percent of our income goes to taxes!

For additional articles and news stories, please scroll down. Have a good week.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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