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God-stories to Inspire and Encourage

God does amazing things! The best kind of stories are God-stories where in the end we see God’s kingdom prevail. We have a few like that this week. One is about Rosalie Schwarm. She lived a life of crime while she was a Goth, but that all changed when she suddenly experienced a collision with God. Please note: Rosalie will appear on the 100 Huntley Street television program on Monday, July 21 to tell her story in person.

Another amazing story is that of Chris Malatesta. She had experienced appalling abuse as a child. As a young adult she had severe multiple sclerosis and was preparing to die. But then an amazing thing happened. She heard God say she would be healed. Her book is an encouragement to anyone who is suffering and calling on God for healing.

And one more real-life story. This week media outlets across the world covered the amazing story of the Hope for the Nations’ missionary couple that was attacked and severely injured at their mission outpost in Kenya. The world marvels at the missionaries’ resolve to love and forgive their attackers and remain at their post. Truly a remarkable witness to God’s love.

Another news story at the forefront of our awareness this summer concerns the rising cost of fuel. We are suffering with higher prices at the pump, but in other parts of the world people are suffering high food costs as a result. One of the contributing factors is the use of bio-fuel. For many who make as little as a dollar a day, the problem has reached crisis proportions.

What can we do? World Vision says: “The global food crisis is a complicated issue, and its solution is complicated too…. Even amid the complexities, individuals can indeed be catalysts for justice and generosity.”  As an example, a partnership of 15 church-based agencies has developed the concept of a food study tour to bring the reality of hunger closer to home. Also, Dave Toycen, the president of World Vision, offers Christian leaders ideas of what to do.

We invite you to be inspired by these articles whether to believe God in your situation, or to become involved in service to others. Also, please scroll down for additional selections.


Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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