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Write Your Own Life Story

If you could write your own life story, what would you write? Would you include a deeper relationship with the Lord?  More adventure?  Discovery and exploration? Some young people can write a chapter like that into their life stories this summer. SALTS, a ministry based in Victoria, British Columbia, offers young people a chance for spiritual growth, world discovery, and adventure as they sail to distant lands on a tallship and learn about life.

Perhaps your story includes mission and ministry among the homeless and underprivileged in our cities. A group of Toronto volunteers answered this call by taking a “sandwich run” regularly into the heart of the city. In an article originating from his “sandwich run” experiences, Michael Dyet records his thoughts and questions. Tim Huff, who has ministered among Toronto’s homeless for 20 years, has compiled his observations into a book. Bent Hope is a collection of thoughtful narratives set under the bridges and in the hidden alcoves of the city.

If you were to write your own life story, would you change things about yourself? Here’s an example for women. Many women, even some of the most accomplished, struggle with feelings of inadequacy. It’s necessary to overcome these feelings, points out author Grace Fox. They are based on fear. When we’re trapped by fear's grip, we often fail to recognize our God-given potential.

But here’s the best news. Your life is a story and you get to choose the ending, says Margaret Gibbs, the president of Women Alive. When prayer is your lifeline you partner with God and have the potential to come into a fullness of God’s plans and purposes.

And when your story is finished, how will you be remembered? It takes Phil Callaway to find humour in such a profoundly sombre topic. Phil puts it this way: What would you like on your tombstone? Check out his article, Tombstone Evangelism, for deeper insights.

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Daina Doucet
Online Editor
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